Manning Beat Down

Wow...6 TDs, 10 minutes left. He is having a career night...he is off to a just blistering start. I expected a lopsided score, but not this.

I know that smart thing is to st him at this point, but I want to see what he can finish with!

Manning looked like he was playing point guard in basketball last night. Denver should have been handicapped with just having 3 downs to use. :wink: true.
That D is rather overhauled, so I was not expecting it to look fabulous or anything, but for the most was just horrid. Guys were always so wide open, and you just don't normally see that on the narrower NFL field.

Not taking anything away from Manning...many could have had a great game passing there, but he had an amazing game. It was a shame he did the classy thing and slowed down instead of going for the 8th TD and the record. Still...only 2nd guy ever to throw 7 w/ no INTs.

Flacco threw for 362 yards, and it is not really even going to be a topic!

There were 104 passes thrown in that game!

104 passes, wow! Ok, it was a basketball game afterall. :wink: I don’t think too many teams will beat Denver trying to win with “3 yards and a cloud of dust” 10 minute drives up the field.

Except their D was suspect at times. They definately look good strong side though.