Mann, Kirk and Kelly practicing again and transaction news

Drew reports both are practicing today:

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He also reports the team released Kohlert and signed another NI WR:

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Great to see Kirk back especially to give the team back the missing depth in the middle. Will Steele be a backup now? Hmm.

Steele has played great, better than Kirk ever did IMO. He'll provide great depth though.

VERY interested to see what they'll do at receiver. But I suspect the 4 imports will be Thigpen, Mann, Bruce, Williams.

I think they'll find a way to get either Kelly or B. Grant into the line-up without dropping any of these four. Possibly listing Williams as a returner, or by putting T. Grant on the reserve and listing Thigpen as backup RB. In either case, they could be inserted into the game by subbing in for one of the starting receivers.

It's not a case of where, on the depth chart, a player is listed. It's a case of import numbers. The Cat's have always, this year, dressed 4 import receivers, with Thigpen being 1 of those 4 regardless whether he was listed as a backup receiver or backup running back. "To get either Kelly or B. Grant into the 42-man line-up, without dropping any of these four," an import playing some other position would have to be dropped from the 42. In the B.C. game, the only other backup import dressed was Francis.

I was forgetting that in the first game of the season, both C. Williams and T. Grant were on the reserve. I guess we can't do what I suggested until Rwabukamba is healthy and proves that he can start along with Hinds, or they decide to throw Barker in somewhere once he's off the IR (however unlikely).

In that case, I can't see them dressing either Kelly or B. Grant unless Mann still isn't 100%. (Nasty place to get a cut.)

Mann’s still out

Ticat receiver Maurice Mann has suffered a setback as he tries to recover from a gash on his foot that required 11 stitches.

After practicing on Monday, Mann was in street clothes on Tuesday and head coach Marcel Bellefeuille did not sound optimistic about the 28-year-old’s chances of playing Friday against the Alouettes.

“He aggravated it a little so we decided to sit him out. We’re going to make sure we make the right decision based on how it’s going and how early in the year we are,? Bellefeuille said.

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I'm not sure about Steele already being better than Kirk, but he's doing better than I thought he would and seems to be fitting right in. And we could use Kirk because the front four could use better depth. It looks thin now with Ortiz being the only backup.

If Mann sits this one out, and Kelly might be ready to play again, could Kelly play on Friday? Or will the same receivers that played last Friday play again?

8) How convenient that Mann has suffered a setback !!!
 Does anyone actually believe that Marcell is going to take Chris Williams out of the lineup, considering how he is playing.

If Mann wee good to go, I'd take out Grant before Williams at this point.

Go with:


8) Untill Chris Williams proves otherwise, I would definitely stick with him over Mann at this point.
   And that is exactly what Marcell is doing !!

   Williams proved himself in the BC game, and Marcell will not deviate from that star performance.

    I am sure that if Mann was needed deperately, he would be playing, despite his so called setback.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Mann won't be playing. Drew has a good piece in the scratching post.

It is truly amazing how the team has taken to lying about injury recovery these days.. .despicable!

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