Mann, Jackson sign extensions

Some good news for Edmonton.

Good signing Mann looks like he could be a good replacement for Tucker.

Mann is a good receiver.

Question about CFL contracts: Why are they always so short? I know for rookies they can only give them 1-year and an option because that's the way it's set up in some agreement the league made with the NFL, but these extension are only for two years. Why not extend them for three years?

Football careers are short and players can go downhill in a hurry so a team's management may want a shorter contract. The other perspective is that of the actual player, who may visualize themself playing phenomenally the next few seasons and still want the opportunity to try to get an even bigger contract a few years down the road(or still may have NFL aspirations). The longer you want to lock down a player the more $ you will be dishing out per season in order to convince them to sign. Team's have all the power and the players have next to none as they can be released in a second in the CFL.