Mann injured already

Toronto Sun: Unfortunately with just three games remaining, it appears Mann won’t get the chance to add to the limited Argos’ big receiving plays on Friday when the Edmonton Eskimos visit.

Mann hurt his hand catching extra passes following practice on Tuesday and did not participate in Wednesday’s workouts.

That was fast. :o

First he cuts his foot on a shower door, now he hurts his hand catching extra passes?

I know.....what's next? Pulling a hamstring reaching for a Gatorade? :o

He should be healthy again in time for the playoffs. Oh, wait....

ZING!!!...... LMAO!! Well done.

Where is the love for Mo Mann! :lol:
Aint Karma a pain in the Hand Mo Mann! :wink:
No sympathy here also, after what he said when he left!
Only thing that disappoints me is I wont be able to yell at him "Argo's Suck" from the stands in the Last Reg game of the year! :rockin:
Oh wait your be watching from the sidelines! :thup:

Mann hurt his foot and then when healed had a difficult time getting back into the offense...followed by his whining and crying that he wasn't being used....

Now he's an Argo, hurt his hand, but should have no trouble getting back into the lineup because they have no receivers but may whine and cry again because this team has no offense ....

Even if the Tiger cats only got a bag of footballs for the guy, the deal to get Mann out of town is looking better every day!!!

Haven't you ever seen a football? Those things are pointy!

I played a season of high school football as a receiver and caught passes with a broken scaphoid bone in my wrist with a cast on it. Ok, this bone isn't well innervated but it did keep Troy Davis out of the lineup for a while.

Catching extra passes? :? :? :? :?