Mann: Freedom Day

Congratulations to Mo Mann on his newfound freedom.

Freedom from any more practices or games. Freedom from the stress of the playoffs. Freedom from having to cash any more paycheques this year.

He was pretty happy to have a chance to be "the guy" in Toronto. Total production with the Argos since the trade on October 11: 2 games, 2 catches, 12 yards. Perhaps it was his influence as a decoy that allowed Durie to shine last night.

Moman was good WR Hamilton just not Vet Friendly ..

Tell that to JJ, Stala, Cobourne, Glenn, Hage, and the countless OTHER Vets on the team... how about if you are a VET. .you outperform the rookies... how's that sound??

Hey, HTD, no fair usin' logic. :wink:

Logic :lol: Not sure if Onknight can handle that word!

Medlock, Rey Williams, Mariuz,

At least our half of the trade performed last night.
A Pick for Webb worth a lot more than 12 yards.

Onknight - I have to disagree with you on this one. Mr Mann is a legend in his own mind. I believe it is fairly hard to fit him with a helmet considering his ego sticks out so far. A vet would go out do his business on the field and be a team player. I watched him live last night after a reception sort of ruff up the tackler. I believe Edmonton was more than happy to let Mr Mann go to Hamilton for Thompson. There is NO I in team an thats why he is playing with the pink team.

yes, Webb is certainly a keeper. :thup:

Now if we can only get Collins, Hinds and Turenne back in time for next week..(if MB will use them due to idle rust)

What is the status of these guys for the EDSF?