Mann for Webb

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Wow, left field.

Argos needed a receiver that badly, Mann is a good one. But I was liking Webb , him and Evan McCollough are two real up and comers.

Skillwise perhaps this is even-steven, but I gotta think that finding a good receiver is a lot easier than finding a good defensive back. In that sense I say Hamilton wins this trade.

There's a lot of good young competition in the secondary for the Cats for sure. Smith, Hinds, Young, Thomas and now Webb.

Interesting for both teams.

Should help both teams with specific positional needs.

The Argos have needed receiving help for 3 years now, yet wait until the season is nearly complete and playoff contention is negligible before making moves...better late than never I guess..Mann is a consummate pro and will improve the Argos, this season and next.

Simultaneously, the Cats are getting a sorely needed DB who has shown ability, albeit somewhat limited CFL experience.
That being said, the mess hall that is the TiCats backfield require EMR assistance asap, so Webb should be able to help resuscitate the Cats secondary to some degree.
Glad to see that Obie is getting as restless as fans are.... :thup:

Good move, although if you'll recall I said Mann for Parker a week ago :lol:
Seriously though, love this trade.We're set at WR and it's time to try and spark this anemic secondary if we're ever going to become a serious GC contender year in and year out.

God, does that Mann-for-Thompson trade look bad now.

And I seriously question the wisdom of flipping yet another veteran receiver when the team still has Grey Cup aspirations in 2011.

I don't think that they're anemic at all. I think that they are young and talented, and some of the problems are just young player mistakes, and some are that they are insisting on playing this Chamblin defense which is blatant copy of the Chris Jones man defense. It lives and dies by man coverage and the entire secondary is young, so it is tough.

Hamilton's secondary reminds me of Saskatchewan's in 2000-2001. Morgan, McCalla, et al, which had growing pains for sure but turned out to be an outstanding group. When the Riders added Eddie Davis - a vet presence to that group it took off. If the Cats could add a solid vet to this group I think would do wonders short and long term. I think O'Bie probably is trying, but Taman is the only guy willing to part with his vet DBs these days and he's given them all away already.

Cats fans, I think you might have something special going on in your secondary for a few years to come.

Good trade for both teams. Mann was not being used and Toronto get's an experienced receiver without giving up another draft pick or one of their core players.

i'd say toronto fleeced the tabbies in this one.

Interesting deal. It's a good one for Toronto as they are pretty desparate for receivers right now. I don't know a whole lot about Dee Webb, though he's shown promise in his brief time in the CFL. I'm not so sure this is a good deal for Hamilton but I guess they weren't using Mann anyway. Time will tell if Webb turns out to be any good for them.

The Cats must have receivers that we don't know about!

The Argos are giving Hamilton a conditional pick in the 2013 draft as well as Webb.

346 yards this season.

Yep, #4 receivers are definitely what Toronto needs more of!

Don't forget, Mann was out of the lineup for something like 7 games this season due to a foot injury and had 917 yds and 787 yds receiving the past two seasons. He's actually a quality player. Not a superstar, yet admirable nonetheless.

How many players on the Argos have those numbers? He's better than most of their corps right now.

In hapless Argoland, Mann will likely be #1 or #2 :o

:lol: .....Aspirations for next year more like.......This move smells like the two teams are prepping for tc 2012...Although the Cats still have a good shot....Lose this weekend and i think the writing is on the wall :wink:

the argos cut rodriguez because they aquired Mann...

the argos are not flushed with talent at the receiver spot, as we all know, so why cut PR?

Probably for the same reasons that everyone else cut him...he has no heart, runs lazy routes, never fights for a ball, doesn't block for his fellow receivers or a scrambling qb, runs out of bounds instead of taking a hit to gain extra yards, and drops as many as he catches.

I don't know if you can tell or not, but I'm not exactly a fan. :wink:

PR was given a 2 game tryout and he dropped like 5 balls and didn't hustle for them.

no surprise he got cut.