I think we should pay very close attention to what Mann and Bruce are saying now that they are out the door as they seem to be saying alot that is wrong with Ticats mangement and how they are doing things and how they are treating people ....

Sounds to me like two bitter cry babies. I don't care what they have to say. Truth told if they would have taken advantage of the opportunities given to them (even if they may have been limited) they might still be here. Both have a history of being whiny "me me" guys. Adios.

I'm with Banshee on this one.

Problem is that now the trade now ends up being Chris Thompson for Dee Webb and a draft choice. .. hope they put that draft choice to good use. Thompson would look pretty darn good in the Cats' secondary right about now. . .

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I wouldn't pay any attention at all to what they have to say.

Complaining ex-employees are about the least reliable sources I can think of for insight into an organization .

8) I am paying close attention to what Mann and Bruce are saying now, and as a result I have even more distaste for the
  both of them !!   Both are a couple of winey, arrogant trouble makers.  Does anyone doubt why they are both gone from 
  this team ??  As the old saying goes, birds of a feather, flock together !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  While I agree that TiCat management is not perfect, at least they were smart enough to dump these two instigators.

I don't recall hearing anything negative out of Arland Bruce III. :?

8) Then I guess you didn't hear what Bruce "twitted" to his man Mo today.

Fact remains that most high profile free agents that have come to Hamilton ended up in disasters for them. Makes it more and more difficult to attract them. Think Fantuz is going to take a chance ? Josh Bourke ?

Nothing more than bruised egos. Certainly not worth listening nor paying attention to.

Jamal Johnson
Markeith Knowlton
Dave Stala
Justin Medlock
Kevin Glenn
Avon Cobourne

No I didn't ... can anyone provide me with some details?

Hey Tipper. In this story:

[url=] ... aying-time[/url]

under "Notes" at the end of the article Mann infers that ABIII will be saying something after the season is over. Nowhere do I see anything negative that Bruce "twitted" to Mann today. Perhaps diesel27 was thinking of this quote and associated it with ABIII?

Bruce tweeted this: "To trade a player like ... Mann is absurd & should be addressed. That DOOD is a great teacher of football & can help any team." (Via @markhmasters twitter feed)

Thanks PiCat. Obviously I don't "twitter" too well. I do have other redeeming qualities though. :wink:

You're not alone, Mike.

After reading the last couple of posts, I started checking the yellow pages for a twitter interpreter!!! Is there at least a twitter dictionary?

I'm too old for this new slang!!!

don't worry about either of them as they both have a history of being malcontents. To his credit, AB111 did not say anything, but perhaps the unconfirmed rumours floating around him were such that he was thankful for a classy trade out of town, and he is usually only good for the first year and then acts up. LIked him while here, but getting close to his best before date.

Mann was a problem last year and I suspect he became moreso this year. Do you really buy the story of a cut foot in the locker room? He had a chance to be the man on offence but did not take charge.

Funny, neither Bruce nor Mann have a Grey Cup history, yet Avon does, and who does Avon scold for their conduct during the game and at practice? Sometimes you need a certain type of character on a team and not just a "character" which I think these two wideouts were.

Bruce may burn us this year and it will hurt, but Mann like Prechae will not be around long. We have some young guys that just may turn out to be stars. Also, some signficant cash has now been freed for free agents, so losing Mo does not really have an impact on the team, just an impact on his bruised ego. Yikes, he is now with the Argos, next stop oblivion.

LOL. Ticat fans are so quick to dis former players who go on to be stars on other teams. There have been so many of them over the past few years. It's quite clear to me that the problem is with the Ticats, not the players they release. You can be good little fans and bury your heads in the sand, but what players say after they have no more ties to the team is often very telling. Bruce has been a one-man wrecking crew since going to the Lions. I guess when you have a coach who knows how to take advantage of his skills, it can make a big difference. We trade our best veteran players and count on pure rookies to get the job done. When the rookies don't perform like we expect them to our coaches scratch their heads and then cut them the next year. And we wonder why we are a 500 team.

So far you're the only one posting in this thread that gets it. These two are now out of the organization and are voicing their displeasure in public which is being perceived as classless. But if you've been reading between the lines it is quite apparent that many of the players appear a little frustrated with their assignments. How is it that Bruce, Mann, and McDaniel collectively lost their minds after a very decent 2010 season? Suddenly all of them had a diminished role with the team and passes were not coming to them. Did they all simultaneously forget how to run routes? What about Stala? His production is way down this year also with 561 yards after 14 games. What's his problem? Other than Chris Williams, the rest of the receivers are all under 350 yards this late in the season. Even on defense it's apparent that players like Baggs have suffered under these new rotating assignments. What about our linebackers? They're hardly even noticeable out there and are frequently way out of position to make a play. Knowlton will most certainly not win Defensive Player of the Year this time.
Notice the pattern yet? All of last years star performers have lost their effectiveness this year. It's obvious that the Ti-cats brass has conjured up a system that they are sticking to adamantly and are seeking players who fit the mold only. Marcel has even mentioned this in interviews. It appears that many of the players aren't buying into it and/or their strengths are not being utilized. Classy players like Baggs will try to cover up the internal strife but talkers like Mann/Bruce will eventually reveal the inner dissent. Perhaps Mann was correct in his interview when he alluded to the fact that the players can't gel into a championship team with the constant roster turnover. The real problem lies within the organization.

Let me start off by saying that I don't TOTALLY agree with everything Mo has said or has tweeted or whatever, but he will be the first one to tell you that he does get heated and that he knows it gets him into trouble on occasion. Please also recognize that the only tweets that get reported are negative and don't truly tell the full story of the man. Stuff like this doesn't get posted...

"To all my ticat fans, I want to admit I expressed a "piss-poor" attitude all week and i want to apologize to all my friends, family and teammates. Im a team player and i just really want to WIN but its also more about setting an example for those watching! (i guess everything i learned from Cj85 wasnt the most positive) LOL "get better or get beat" - IM BLESSED!"

"Getting ready for our last practice before the game... WE'RE HUNGRY FOR THE W!!!"

"Reporter: "so 86 I'm guessing this is not quite what you had planned for 2011?" me: "my short break was halftime... Now it's GAMETIME" #greycupchase"

"Up at 530... Getting ready for the gym and greatness today"

"happy thanksgiving... much love #imveryhungry and I'm not talking about food"

"a good day to rest would be today, sigh* ...buuuuut, too much work to do though..."

"I heard my former wr teammates gave me a 86 round salute today! I appreciate it brothas, see you on the battle field. #respect"

I can understand how one would get the impression that hes a whinny baby or whatever but the guy is truly not. I put together a video for him in the offseason to pay tribute to the friend he lost (RIP reggie) and I've had the pleasure of working with him ever since. He has the heart and determination of a winner...but he just gets frustrated sometimes and one could argue that he might not handle it the best way possible. He wanted to go all the way with this team, he loved being a part of tigertown and truly appreciated all the fans. I know its hard sometimes when all you have to go off of is stuff you read in the papers but try and remember there is more to these players then just stats and heated comments. Ever have anything negative to say that you wish you could have back during times of struggles? I have, happened to me a bunch of times.

Mo isn't perfect, but he has a lot more value then given credit for. Its hard to "take advantage of opportunities" when they aren't there...if you pay attention to the stats....most of the throws are going to guys lined up closest to of the reasons for this is porous Oline play and having to get rid of the ball quickly...on top of that, how many of us have questioned the play calling in the offense we are using to date? I describe it sometimes as having a bipolar offense...often we find things that work only to go away from them what seems life for the sake of switching it up.

The trade makes some sense...we obviously need some help in the secondary....I just hope we arent putting too much stock into 3 players that haven't even put in a whole season yet...and don't go writing off Mo Mann because of some questionable comments made during some heated times. Just because he makes some mistakes, doesn't mean hes a horrible player and a bad teamate...if he was Im sure youd here it from the guys in the dressing room.

PS: If anyone read the story in the scratching post about them not being able to get a hold of him, yeah hes a busy guy but he has 3 different #'s you can reach him at and I leave messages all the time so I don't but they whole "his inbox was full" stuff.

PSS: and really? There are people who are even going to question the cut on his foot? You don't think it was enough to keep him out? I seen it first hand and it was nasty...keep in mind deep cuts take 4 - 6 weeks to heal all the way through just like a broken bone. I think questioning injuries should be off limits if you have nothing to go on