Manitoba vs St.Marys

Next fridays Vanier Cup is set.

Go Bisons

Go Huskies GO

...gotta cheer on the cousin is part of their staff...:lol:

Can both teams lose? :wink:

I actually played minor football with John Makie, but wow he's at least 3 years older than me and still playing university ball and I'm 23.

Go Bisons. They are a great team, a great program. bring the cup back to Can West

I don't know much about St. Mary's, but the Bisons have looked pretty damn good. I saw that the QB for St. Mary's was hurt, is he going to be out for the game?

If that was the best Ontario could put up, you should be ashamed!

I actually think the average age of the Bison rivals that of many CFL teams. They have a number of players in their late 20's already. I believe their runningback is older than Wes Cates.

SMU vs. Laval was a great game. Laval couldn't get anything going. Never would've guessed they were the #1 team. SMU's defense was incredible. Offense was decent. The only downside is that Eric Glavic, the AUS MVP is hurt. Today he found out he tore something in his leg.

Major blow for SMU. Glavic is a great quarterback. Both in the air and on the ground. He is almost too tough, and that is his problem. He likes to run like a running back does and tries to go straight down field. He takes too many hits, instead of sliding or running out of bounds. This was his first year as starter. He was used to punching the ball through.

Hopefully SMU can play like they did against Laval.

Should be a great game.

As we speak Eric Glavic was just named the CIS Player of the Year (Hec Creighton winner).

Shame he can't play.

I also just found out Eric Glavic has brother as a DB for Hamilton.

Has to be a good week to be a Manitoban in Toronto this weekend. They get to cheer on both of their teams.

who saw the hit to the bisons rb matt henry. broken femur right on contact, and as his body fell to the ground you could see it bend around him. might be career ending which really has to suck. can;t even say it was a cheap shot cuz it was a totally clean shoot by the st.marys db

Very clean hit, and looked mighty painful, too...I cringed a little...then a little more...

i knew he was hurt on the contact but thought it was a dislocation until i saw the replay. i never want to see a leg do that again. I sure hope he can recover fully cuz he is the 2nd year back.

That was a sick hit. It must have killed.

Congrats to Manitoba on the win.

Congrats to the Bisons also, excellent team.