Manitoba football province

Blue Bombers in the Grey Cup

Bisons in the Vanier Cup

It's good to be a football fan in Manitoba :smiley: :rockin:


Just like back in 2001, Manitoba's playing Saint Mary's again,Winnipeg's playing another prairie team, hopefully the results are different this year.

Heck, the Bisons are so good, maybe we should put them up against the Riders :wink:

Theyd probably do better with Glenn being out.

To think last year nobody thought we could win with Glenn. Now nobody thinks we can win without him...

i see no way that the bisons can lose to st. marys after scoring 100 points between the rams and the stangs.

mking i would agree but i have faith in dinwiddie and at the airport i let him know. our offence is strong, keep it basic, run alot with roberts, make the defence play it and then go deep to stegall. hands down winnipeg has a great chacne.

The Bisons did their part, now it is the Bombers turn to step up.

Led by a fine young Reginan and kids from Alberta on D.


And your point is?

Congrats to the U of M Bisons. I guess we should be thankful we were able to attract good young men from other provinces.

Say Israel Idonije wins a Superbowl with the Bears, will you be happy? Say Bolden won one when he was down there, would you have taken a bit of pride out of that? Or when the Carolina Hurricanes or Tampa Lightening won the cup, didnt all Canadians(maybe not you?) take solace in that there were a large helping of Canadians on those teams??? I do remember Don Cherry speaking of this consideration. Same thing here, more or less.


That is thanks to the recruting the Bisons have done. Good teams bring in good players.

The team is the University of Manitoba Bisons. Not the Born in Manitoba Bisons. Not one team has only players born in their province. The Bisons were full marks for the win and they are based in Manitoba so bragging rights go to Manitoba.

BigU is 110% correct. It is the University of Manitoba Bisons Football TEAM[/b]

In 1989 both the Riders and the U of S Huskies were in their respective championship games, both of which were played at the Rogers Centre. The Huskies lost to Western, but the Riders beat Hamilton.

Also, whoever wins this game will have TWO National champions in their province. The SASKATOON Hilltops won the Junior championship November 3rd.

Thirdly, where does U of M qb Makie come from? Saskatchewan...go figure!!!

Congradulations to the Saskatoon Hilltops Football TEAM. There could be a future CFL player on that team. Wooo Hoooo.

You just came across like you were trying to discredit the victory.
I can agree that I feel good for those individual players, but it pales in comparision to a local team winning it all.

True true.


GO BOMBERS!!!!!!!!!!

dariderfan, tell me why Makie was not playing in Saskatchewan is that is so important? Kidnapping does't count.