Manitoba Blue Bombers

Should Winnipeg rename themselves the Manitoba Blue Bombers (ala BC Lions, Sask Roughriders) in an effort to attract every single person from Manitoba and Kenora for that matter to the games?

would that be Kenora ..ont. about Canora ..sask....are you really Kanga... :?: 8)

whats in a name........the Bombers are Manitobas team......end of story....

been there, done this, but good to see that others are thinking the same as me, although they get mistaken as me sometimes.

if we voted on it, I'd vote yes to the chage, but there isn't anything wrong with the BBs staying the way they are.

When you think of a place do you think of just one city, or the surrounding area. When I think of Winnipeg, I just don't think of the one city. I think of the whole province.

Maybe that answers my question.

Great Grey Cup logo. I love the buffalo. Manitoba's provincial flag animal.


…there’s a few provinces that would like to steal our emblem…the Bison is one of the best in the country…Sask…Wheat Sheaf…Alberta…Wild Rose…B.C. …Dogwood …YUP …I like Manitobas THE BEST… :wink:

The others aren’t bad, but Manitoba is the best by far!

If they ever did decide to rename themselves the Manitoba Blue Bombers, what would a possible logo look like?

I think incorporating the buffalo would be a good start. Provincial flag = whole province.

(I'm having a tough time trying to get everyone onside with a similar issue to this - have a provincial or regional name for the East Coast franchise).

cool, what's with the 1873? founding of the Bombers club?

have the current logo, but be a Blue M instead of a W, and have the Blue and Gold to rep that the team is in Winnipeg and was once called the "Winnipeg" Blue Bombers

bring back an updated version of the 2004 jerseys and my third jersey design too! :wink:

you mean the tenth team in Halifax, right?

I didn't want to say Halifax, because we don't know for sure the franchise is going to be located, even though it will probably be Halifax.

As for the '1873', that's the founding of the Argonauts, North America's oldest professional sports franchise.

As for the logo, all team colours would remain the same, but I would have a buffalo jumping out of an 'M' and the third jerseys would be the solid gold, as the have now with the old 'W' to represent Winnipeg.

'Because there's only one team to cheer for in the CFL and they wear the Double Blue'.


oh hash!

but don't you like my design? it can come with that secord logo you asked for, though the double B would be better IMO at least this 2006 GC logo has the bision in it.

Kenora, Ont of course... half the town was originally in Ontario, before the border was redrawn. Somebody should hang a big Blue Bombers flag on Husky the Muskie. A great way to capture the spirit of the people.

i sounds way better winnipeg blue bombers then manitoba blue bombers and i don't know where you get this idea of a bision in a logo if they switch read the name people it doesn't say bisions now does it it says blue bombers and for a new logo they's probably just get rif of the W and hav the football unless they wanted a bision in it getting blown up by a blue bomber plane but thats too much in a logo i think

Well the the Riders won the Grey Cup in 89, a sign outside of Regina the following year read--Home of the Grey Cup champs.... funny..... I thought they were the SASKATCHEWAN Roughriders..... apparently not.....

Mama named the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Keep calling 'em that.

Cool hasn't said a bloddy thing about my jersey idea :crying: