Manitoba Blue Bombers?

My fellow Bomber fans, I wanna run this idea by you guys.

I think that if and/or when the NHL Winnipeg Jets come back, I think the team should chage their name to the "Manitoba Blue Bombers" to futher unite the province and increse the rivaly we have with Saskatchewan (imagine a Banjo baowl with Saskatchewan Vs. Manitoba :shock:).

Right now, the Manitoba Moose are filling that role, but when the NHL comes back, they will likly relocate elsewhere.

I'm prefectly fine either way (Winnipeg or Manitoba), but I wanna here what you guys think.


I think Winnipeg should stay even though 30-40% of the fan base lives in rural areas.

And what will happen if Brandon gets a team? Change back to Winnipeg?

On no, my apologies Bomber fans for the previous post....Now I'm giving KK more expansion ideas.

Please forgive me!

Yeah, but (Sorry Brandon fans) I really can't see that happening. Most of the population of the province is in Winnipeg (that could be another reason to keep the team name "Winnipeg BBs"), unlike Saskatchewan which is divided between Regina and Saskatoon.

But the great thing about Brandon is that it will always have the CHL (WHL). I hope that Flin Flon(sp?) will get a team in the CJFL someday.

I gotta yes vote! ALLRIGHT! I hope that person PMs me!

I voted the third choice because I love my idea, but there is nothing wrong with the way things are now, except now I avoid anything with the Blue W like the prague because the Manitoba logo should be Blue and the Winnipeg logo should be the old white W. Don't even get me started on the Gold W, that logo should be banned!

....i've tried my hand at the name change, Kanga....but ManWinn Blue Bombers......WinnMan Blue Bombers ... dosen't work for me .... or anybody else....seems when you try to put a new spin on the old just dosen;t work...and talking about Brandon....does anyone know that the original capital of Manitoba was supposed to be Brandon... in the early days of Man....don't remember why or how it got changed .... :?:

I think because the pop. grew in Winnipeg and more people started businesses there.

its 50 50 to change our name to manitoba blue bombers if we do that we should try to change the logo

I don't think it will happen, mate, but if it did, I think we should just have a blue "M" logo instead of the current blue "W" logo.

always the U of Manitoba.

OK halucinat3 says it best about where it all began. The bombers were made in winnipeg, by winnipeg, for winnipeg. I think the team was made to show off winnipeg so it is better of as winnipeg and not manitoba

Speacking of the Manitoba Moose, I'm reluctant to buy any Moose stuff becase I feel that I'll be akownloging that the Winnipeg Jets will never come back, and the AHL or the WHL is the best Winnipeg can do in terms of ice hockey, when I believe it can have an NHL team, the best hockey in the world. But I do love the "Manitoba" aspect of it.

Oh well, thank god for the U of Manitoba!

We should change the logo cuz i was watching nfl countdown and they changed the arizona cardinals logo so now it looks mean now so we should sorta change it to buzz or something

Nah, the way it looks now is fine, and it's only been 10 years since it came out. give it another 20 years.

Calgary should chage theirs to their second logo but keep the old one as the second, but maybe modified.

another kind of compromise.

leave it as it is......

Wow! I can't believe I got two yes votes!

Must be a slow news day in the Peg. Perhaps if Taman held on to some of his draft choices, the Bombers of Winnipeg would have some good young talent to go along with Sir Milton of Steegal. Chris Berman's favourite CFL player is a certain Hall of Famer!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

what does bermans favorite cfler have to do with anything.........

I've played with some of the rugby guys from the Winnipeg Saracens Rugby Football Club. GREAT bunch of guys. They came down to Omaha for a tournament with a short team, and our team was short as well, so we combined teams to have one solid team... was probably one of the more fun matches I ever played.

Apparently they have a nice rugby complex outside of Winnepeg that all the area teams play at with a club house, locker room facilities, and the whole 9 yards...