Management Has a Choice.

Anymore new posts are sort of pointless. You could shut down the site now and go by last year's post game reactions and it would still be relevent.

Exchange some old names from last year with some names this year and the posts would be more or less identical.

So it comes down to this for management you brought in new players over the off season and the team hasnt progressed perhaps even regressed so.....:

Keep bobbing along like a cork on the open sea and hope things get better


Make changes, send a message to players , coaches and fans that the same old same old is intollerable.

Really, there is nothing more one can say.

There is a lot to say. Give them a chance to gell. It will happen and all of you who keep saying it is the same as last year or here we go again are rightfully upset but never say die is my motto and I will always think we will turn it around. Positive thinking is good for the mind. Find good in what they do every game. Not all the bad. I am so looking forward to reading these forums when all we do is WIN! pat_cat :wink:

I’m with you Pat!..Great post. I saw a lot to be positive about. The defence thoroughly confused Montreal many times, Yeast continues to lead by example, we continue to force turnovers and the team of Eakin/Boreham in the kicking category seems to work well…just to name a few.
Maas also threw some nice long passes that were right where they had to be.

We’re gonna work out of this funk and I don’t think wholesale changes need to be made…we’ve got the personnel here (players and coaches) to do the job. It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get busy is all.

I have total faith in this team! :thup:

Actually... the team stinks!

the team isn't all that bad. The coaches on the other many too many men penalties will it take?

Please Pat & Mikey
This team is not to going Gel Under Marshall
He Can't Win...

At Mac He was a Choke Artist..
With Our Ticats He is an Even Bigger one..

Time to make Changes now...
1st One His Firing...
Next One Bench Mass for Eakin..

Let see if a One game Benching Put Fire in Mass's Belly.... and Send Message to the Team..

There you may be Next..

I hate to say this but I think Onknight is right.

Ultimately, the HC takes responisiblity for the teams on field performance. At Mac, Marshall had total control. The problem here is that he relies on his assistants to do their jobs. Now, IMO therein lies the problem. His assistants stink, Reed, Paopao, Erdman should be fired by Marshall. If Marshall does not take action, then he is not living up to his responsibilities and should be fired.

I still believe this team can do well, and am staying positive. Let’s face it, with this schedule (3 of our first 4 games on the road, and one home game against Montreal) it was asking a lot to be much better than 1 and 3.

This is a much better team than last year, and not just on paper. Last year we were not even in games. This year we have been in every game.

I am dissapointed about some things, but we need to remain positive. Things are only going to get better. I have also questioned some of the coaching, but not ready to completely give up. If we go 0 and 7, then I agree we sould shake things up.

I predict they beat Calgary at home next week. This will be a huge boost for the team, and this website’s morale.

Hamilton with the exception of a few dumb penalties played really well last night. The game at home against Calgary next Friday will be really good.

Zontar,Ruff,Onknight made some pretty dumb comments on here. While that is there opinions and good on them for stating them. I disagree with those opinions.

I don’t think this team stinks however and Maas doesn’t need to be benched to light a fire he had fire last night.

Agreed. But not enough times.

Yeast continues to lead by example,
Disagree. He's done nothing special and dropped what very well may have been a TD (and that's according to the Spec)
we continue to force turnovers
That looks great, and if the O can catch up then maybe we could fully capatilize on the turnovers. Four field goals aren't nearly enough.
and the team of Eakin/Boreham in the kicking category seems to work well
Haven't realy been challenged yet other than the 47 yard miss. (Which at least was close for once)
Maas also threw some nice long passes that were right where they had to be.
I thought his passing game was off. He under threw the receivers quite a bit last night. He was also telegraphing some of his passes by not looking off. That's a fundamental error. He should be a little better than what he showed me last night.
We're gonna work out of this funk and I don't think wholesale changes need to be made
I agree to a point. Seems like all the problems are fixable, which is a good sign.

So fix 'em!

The positive spin I put on the last two losses are that they were both road games that we were in right to the end.

Coming home to Ivor Wynne, is a must win against Calgary, otherwise it might be time to consider some sort of action. This is a very winnable game.

That is Right Sir..
I Respect Your Right to Disagree with me.

I do Love this Team
But I Hate The Way thing are going..

The offensive was very ineffective. No running game, and can't score TD's.

Special teams were bad.

Defence was good.

1 out of 3 phases of the game will add up to a loss almost every time.

Humanitarian postive thinker award of the year!!! :thup:

Sounds like comments of positivity and thoughts of encouragement for the team fall on deaf ears by alot of people on here. Yeah we lost but it was a much better game then the previous game against montreal. Go Cats Go.

It was a good game .

The long ball was requested by many and it was there.

Looked like we coulda shoulda caught two more of them at least.

The return game was very good ,so the blocking was there and C Yeast was flying!

The D was rocking!

Yes, my comment was dumb.
I couldn't help but react to the pie-eyed optimism of the 2 previous posts.

[quote="jonesie"]I still believe this team can do well, and am staying positive.
This is a much better team than last year, and not just on paper.


  I agree ....they showed a bit more life last night, especially the defence.

What bothers me though is the other stuff like 13 players on the field. How the heck does this happen? Where's the discipline and attention to detail?
Then there's a play just before the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter where they need a touchdown. Maas laterals it out to the sideline instead of downfield. Where was a play to get everyone downfield fer cryin' out loud.
From what I see each game, the Cats offence is not playing with authority. Its like they are never sure about whats going on. Dropped balls, stupid offside just seems to keep going no matter which players are on the field.
It should not take this long to gel. I want Coach Marshall to succeed but I am afraid its already slipped away. I hope I am wrong :cry: .

Rough seas ahead: just to finish with a .500 record (and a possible playoff spot) the Cats need to win 9 of their next 14 games. At least 8 of the games are at IWS, where they sorta play better.

Hold on tight!


I'm not going to dissagree that this team is doing a lot of dumb things. Execution and discipline are probably it's number one issue. Coaching may be not far behind.

I just believe these things will improve. Keep your head up.

PS: This is my positive post. If you want to see what I think is wrong (ie. all the negative things), see my post on Als compared to Cats. Strangely enough its a longer post.