man who lost the cup: brendan taman

here's the guy who lost the winnipeg blue bombers the grey cup � and who is being touted as a frontrunner for the general manager job in hamilton. brendan taman.
he left his team without a competent backup quarterback; and these guys are worth about $85,000 and an airline ticket. they're thick on the ground; all you gotta do is pick up the phone.
ryan dinwiddie didn't embarrass himself, and that's just about the best thing you can say about him. he wasn't there to win, he was there to keep it close.
what? can't find a decent backup quarterback? ... nealon greene wouldn't have done a better job? jason maas? jarious jackson was available too. so was mcmahon in toronto. butler was available also.
and it's not as if kevin glenn is a frickin' ironman; he's the quarterback made of glass.
and all because taman wanted to shave $10,000 or so, and cheap out.
stay out on the prairies please ...

It was known around the league and written in montreal that Winnipeg offered up Gavin Walls for Jason Mass. That is an attempt to get a backup but Hamilton opted for Piercy, a move that still baffles anyone close to the league. It seems the ticats were more interested in saving money when dumping maas than they were improving the team going forward, and peircy guaranteed a starters salary did not come back the other way in the maas trade. I commend Winnipeg for trying to make the deal, they did try to get a backup, ticats just werent talking, unless it came cheap. After all........they had to pay for Printers somehow.

"Nealon Greene wouldn't have done a better job?" You are correct. He wouldn't have. Jason Maas? Washed up. Jackson? 3 for 12 with 2 picks when the pressure was on him. McMahon? Get serious, the guy is a stiff. Dinwiddie wasn't great today, probably ranks as mediocre, but a far sight better than what Winnipeg had previously as backups (Pat Barnes, Tee Martin, et al).

I was at the game today. It was a good game. Dinwiddie played pretty well for a rookie backup making his first start in the championship game. His passing statistics were better than Kerry Joseph's in fact, the league MVP. So I don't think it's right at all to say Winnipeg doesn't have a competent backup. Maybe you don't like BT, but his backup is not proof of his inadequacy as team GM in Winnipeg.

Can't bytch about the Cats. .so you bytch about the Bombers??

Winnipeg tried to get Jason Maas after LAST SEASON
when Jason went for another of his many surgeries,
this one was for a bicep injury on his throwing arm.

I don’t think Hamilton knew he had even arranged it.

They told Winnipeg if Jason got a clean bill of
health they were going to keep him for this year
so there was no deal to be had by Winnipeg.

Jason’s trade with Montreal for Piercy came
10 months after Winnpeg offered Gavin Walls.

It came when Jason had displayed for a 2nd year
that he was psychologically or physically unable

and the Tiger Cats had signed the high-priced
former CFL MVP Casey Printers late THIS SEASON.


Brendan Taman also brought in Brad Banks
and Mike Quinn this year, didn’t he?

You can’t say he wasn’t trying
to find an adaequate back up QB
it is just they didn’t work out.

It was reported on by Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette and numerous links came from this site before the change. Winnipeg offered Gavin Walls for Maas but cats chose the third string fullback. This was not an off season deal, this was after the signing of printers(same day). The cats were thinking about money so they didnt want anyone for maas that made more than entry level money regardless of helping the team. Thank god that Marcel is gone now and they either realise you have to spend to win or you will lose, on the scoreboard and in the stands. The era of Desjardanomics is over.

Here is a link to the article about Maas for Walls. What makes it more believable is the fact that its not about the maas/walls trade, its just mentioned as an afterthought in a piercy story. The bombers may have won the cup if not for marcel counting pennies and the cats would have an all star lineman!

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Jason's trade with Montreal for Piercy came 10 months after Winnpeg offered Gavin Walls.
qoute from the article in Montreal Gazette about Piercy "Although the Ticats could have traded Maas to Winnipeg for defensive-end Gavin Walls, they instead settled on Piercy. The Saskatchewan native, in turn, went from a successful Montreal team to a Hamilton squad that rarely makes the playoffs, and won't again this season. " Sounds more like a money saving deal then something that happened ten months beforehand. Cats traded maas the exact same day they signed printers for one reason and one reason alone.....they had to wipe the money off the payroll and if they got walls in return they would have had to pay him what a starter makes instead of what a third stringer makes, like piercy. Its all dejardinomics and thankfully bob, scott and the rest of the powers that be now know it takes money to win.

Relax. As bad as Dinwiddie was, he's stil better than Maas.

Anyone ever compare Maas stats as a cat this year to Printers stats? its actually astounding how far better Maas was in every department. I do think Printers is better but its a definate eye opener and proves its not just maas fault. I am glad we have Printers but he didnt do nearly as well as maas did, the stats dont lie. Suprised me when I looked it up.

Being a hardcore bomber fan, I can say that Dinwiddie...played good. His first ever start in the CFL, and he goes out there and plays his heart out.

He gave it everything he had, and thats why I hope the bombers hang on to him. So no Brenden Taman didnt lose us the game.


Errr. In case you did not notice... Brendan Taman did enough to get his team in to Grey Cup! And you want to slag him because of Dinwiddie who played well during the few times he played during the season. At least he was given lots of coaching which is more than you can say about how WE handled Ritchie Williams and Timmy Chang!

so it's enough to:
"play your heart out." (comment on dinwiddie)

  • by that definition jason maas is an all-star

"get to the grey cup game" (comment on taman)
� i thought the idea was to win it ...

i think taman rolled the dice and lost.
he tried to save a few bucks by not having a veteran backup. (perhaps like a marcus crandell, jospeh's backup who was cup mvp in 2001)
dinwiddie doesn't have all the tools required of a cfl quarterback. his arm strength is not up to standard, neither is his ability to read defences and look off the coverage. the final two skills could be learned in time; unfortunately, he'll always have an arena league arm ...

Dinwiddie doesn't throw that last pick but runs for a yard or two which would have been easy for a 1st, new set of downs, easily could have been Winnipeg's game. I think he did pretty darn well considering the circumstances.

Sheesh......such nastiness towards a good young QB with some potential and a GM who has turned his team around in a couple of years. Are you Obie's agent???

Yeah, Ticat guy is right Taman must be a bum, he only got his team to within 1 minute of winning the Grey Cup.

How does anyone know that $10,000 will upgrade the back-up QB position.
Maybe that extra $10,000 was used to pick-up Terrence Edwards as a free agent
1280 yards and 80 catches this year.
Check out their roster, they are stacked.

Going by your criteria of “He lost the team the cup”, the only GM that you would hire would be from Sask. I trust.
Buono did not have a good enough back-up QB, Jim Popp did not have a good enough back-up QB. Edmonton, Toronto, Hamilton all finished the year with a different starting QB than they started the season with.
Only 2 CFL teams started and ended the season with the same QB, and one is the Grey Cup champion.
A little good fortune is better than a little good planning sometimes!

Bombers are loaded with talent. I would take Taman as our GM any day!!!

Bombers are loaded with talent. I would take Taman as our GM any day!!!
I agree with the above 100%. He's really the only

I take this Maas for Walls rumour with a grain of salt
because Marty York was the original source of this rumour.

but it makes more sense to me that if happened in the off season
when a healthy Jason Maas might have been seen to have value.

Why would Winnipeg want to lose one of
their all star Defensive performers
in their mid-season race for 1st place?

Maybe Winnipeg could used Maas and They could Won the grey cup.