Man what a superbowl game!

Great game if your a Pittsburgh fan, otherwise a Super Bore ! :thdn:

The game was too long, too much time in between plays, the officating was terrible, half time show, not a big Bruce fan.

I can't wait for the CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE to start :thup:

P.S. This post has nothing to do with the Tiger-Cats, or the CFL

This game was if all was very entertaining and after watching all the next day talk shows about it alot of people thought it was alot like the CFL.Alot of passes, Bad ref Calls, Great Catches, and last minute heroics. Dont fool your self the NFL most time is boring but this game was entertaining and thats why it was liked by most and no one fell asleep as most other times! :wink:

My beloved Steelers' win proved one thing to me.There will be no dynasties in the NFL.The Super Bowl could have been contested by any of the following: Titans,Eagles,Patriots,Giants,Colts,Chargers,Ravins.As far as some of the comments about Troy Palomalu's hair,GROWUP and GET OVER IT! This is a new century and individuality should be celebrated. God help us when we all start to sound like Johnny Miller. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old bald guy in section 7)