Man what a superbowl game!

Yes I love the CFL and yes I am a pittsburgh fan.Who can say they ever saw a game like that!It had everything.Moron mistakes, perfect catches, record returns and huge hits! I feel good that I burned it! What a game!

Gotta agree, that was an extremely entertaining game. Lots of penalties though, and as you hinted, some ugly execution at times. Great edge-of-your-seat factor.

I’m not really a fan of either team though I thought it would have been nice for Arizona to pull it off due to the team’s long drought.

Lots of woulda-coulda-shouldas on the players’ minds for sure…

Very exciting game as it turned out. A "pass happy" game, hey, where have I heard that before. 8) But fact is, in the NFL you have to pass to win although some "NFL only counts" fans will never agree to that despite the evidence to the contrary.

Yes, it was a classic it had almost everything even the possibility of overtime for the first time in NFL history!!

Yea I thought it was a pretty good game if you like NFL. I find it a little boring. The play calling reminded me a lot of the Ticats for the past couple of years. Need 13 yards so throw a 4-yrd pass. Too many short little passes for me to get too excited. I'll take the CFL anyday... But it was an exciting ending. Would have liked to see Cards win it...

It was a good game, but I remembered why I never watched the NFL. What kind of stupid rule is it when holding in the endzone = a safety?? I was so angry I changed it. Not to mention the stupidity that if the kicking team touches the ball the receiving team has to take it where they touch it. Ugggghhhhh. Besides that, it was probably one of the most exciting NFL games I've ever seen.

Hey Gbonds, that "girl" looks pretty good with another Superbowl ring. :stuck_out_tongue:

The last 4 minutes reminded me of a CFL game. Each team had 2 possessions. Normally one teams kills the clock to about 15 seconds left and the other team throws 2 hail marys.

The game was good. Not as great as everyone says. Really, it was a boring game until th 4th quarter, just like last years game.

If Arizona didn't come back then it would have been boring.

And if Arizona had been Detroit, they'd have been wearing blue instead of red, but neither of those things was the case.

I thought the first half in general was slow, but the Cards drive at the end of the half and the resulting INT return for a TD made me anxious for the 3rd quarter to start to see whether Arizona would be able to respond. I enjoyed the entire 2nd half. Only thing that took me out of the game were some of the dumb penalties and iffy penalty calls.

"Who can say they ever saw a game like that!" - I can.
Go back to 1986 ( oh, I forgot - that was before you were born.... ) Hamilton vs. Sakatchewan.
Mike Kerrigan throws to Tony Champion in the end zone. Leaping backwards catch, and Hamilton leads with 2 minutes left on the clock.
Then SASK. moves downfield to kick the winning field goal - ARGHHH!!!

Look it up.... :thup: :thup: :thup:

That was 1989

was a good game

My other Black and Gold Team came through in the clutch! There are many teams with better OLines than the Steelers but you gotta love a defence that scores for you in the big games. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

IMO, the NFL game and "experience" has improved (ie, is more entertaining) since becoming more like the CFL. Still not ad-lib enough as it seems over analyzed and too "anal".

Consider, up to 6-8 years ago, it seemed NFL offenses were mostly balanced re running and passing. 20 pass attempts in a game was stretching it and 10+ minute drives were often boring and lucky to produce 3 points.

Suddenly the NFL discovered the pass and it's opened up the game immensely (offensive yardage, points and excitement-wise). Now many games record over 25 pass attempts and anything less is unusual.

Witness yesterday's Super Bowl passing stats... Pittsburgh 21/30 and Arizona 31/43. More like typical CFL passing stats.

Also, I've watched NFL games since the late '60's (mostly being exposed to the Cleveland Browns on Sundays in Southern Ontario).

Up until a few years ago, I had never seen an NFL punt actually returned. I didn't know you COULD run back a punt and thought it was against the rules!

It was always a fair catch or let the ball hit the ground and roll. Now hardly a game goes by where there isn't a return attempt and it's now been discovered to be a legitimate offensive weapon.

Who woulda thunk it...

(The "Flutie influence" has also helped as more NFL QBs seem less hesitant to run and are not all strictly drop back, pocket passers. Even seen the occasional QB sneak, unheard of in the past.)


No question the really good teams in the NFL have become more "CFL like" and have a passing philosophy, ability to always throw the ball to win. The most important position on offense in the NFL is the wide receiver IMHO as long as the o-line and qb are decent enough, that's all you need if you have one or two athletic, go-get-the-ball receivers. And who would have thought we'd be saying that about the NFL a few years ago?

He still looks the same to me... :lol: Oh and by the way... what exactly did he do all game other than miss a large number of tackles?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I sort of agree, except I think when people use the word "decent" in this way, it often really means "get the job done consistently". I think in particular, o-linemen who are able to get the job done consistently are better than "decent". Basically, I'm saying that no matter how good your receivers are, you can't have a long passing game without good protection for the quarterback, and o-linemen tend not to get the credit they deserve when they are able to deliver that protection consistently.

With that out of the way, I think as you mentioned the most dangerous teams are often those who have TWO great outside receivers. The opponent's best defender can only be assigned to one of them in man-to-man, and double/triple coverage on one side tends to open up the other.

And as Fitzgerald especially demonstrated last night, the ability to make yards-after-catch becomes a big factor when you have a reputation for stretching the field and can scare your opponent into playing deep zone coverages.

He also missed two almost-interceptions. :wink:

I'm neither a Polamalu fan nor hater, but I did think it was funny when someone tackled him by the hair on an interception return in 2006. Don't know whether or not they still treat long hair as "part of the uniform".

Hope he doesn't get his SB rings tangled in it...

LOL, I’m not a fan of Polamalu at all, but I do not hate him.

As for the tackle on him by the hair that had me laughing quite hard both when I seen the highlight and just now as I read that. :lol:

yeh great game.. minus all the calls in steelers favour, on the 99 yard return tim hightower gets clearly clipped in the back on the legs by the sideline, he could have made that tackle, i could count endless holding calls on the the steelers oline when ben scrambles, how about the facemask call of rodrick hood when it was holmes who almost ripped his head off?> so bum calls by the really back officiating crew if you ask me, AZ should have won that game. plain and simple. its a sad day to be a cardinals fan.

Yes, as much as this was really a great game, at the end of it all I just am left with the feeling besides it being a great game, that I saw way too much of the refs on the tube sort of taking the show away. I guess it was that kind of a game, I suppose.

I hear ya safetyblitz about the o-linemen and their importance, no question. That being said, if you can get rid of the ball quick like Warner usually does, and have a receiver like Fitzgerald, well especially when the safeties were playing back near the end like they were, the o-line are nearly as important in this case. But for the most part in the game, yes, o-line is absolutely crucial, no question.