Man ... what a nightmare

I decide to head down to the game last night. I live in Southwestern Ontario (Ingersoll, between Woodstock and London), so my usual trek down to the game starts by leaving 2 hours before game time so I can get parked an hour before the game. I'm making good time down the 403 when the traffic comes to a halt before I get to the exit for Copetown. I figure I will stay on the highway and wait out the congestion. Shortly after I pass the overpass, I see a sign that indicates the highway is closed at #6. Are you kidding me. I find out later listening to chml news before the game that there was a fatality on the highway, but I'm thinking, man can I make it to the game on time. I usually get my ticket before the game, but for some reason I bought on ticketmaster this week and have to pick it up at will call. Realizing that it will be a mess at highway 6 I get off at Wilson street, and zig-zag my way over to Fiddler's Green, then to Lovers Lane, down to Govenors Road over to #8 to Main street. Fortunately I grew up in Burlington and lived in Waterdown for a few years, so I am somewhat familiar with this area, but more than anything, I was able to use the Google maps app on my palm pre 2 (only when I was stopper or pulled over of course). It also helps that I am pretty comfortable navigating maps. I saw some nice homes and the drive down the escarpment in this area is quite nice (even saw about half a dozen deer in a field). By the time I get down to the Ivor Wyne area the game has already started, and I have to park about twice as far away as usual. I run most of the way to the will call, get my ticket, make my way into the game and get to my seat, and we are only behind by 3. I think I missed the first two possessions. After I'm in my seat for a little while, a group of people come in looking for their seats, sitting down during the play. Some young punk swears at me and my friend. I take exception to this, but this bonehead obviously has no clue. We move away from them because as much as I would like to pop one of these guys, last thing I need to do is get kicked out. After my stressful drive in a grabbed a couple of beers, which went down nicely, and sit down to watch another poor performance. I could go on to complain about the coaches and the players who appear to not have much consistency this year, but can't help be think a lot of what we saw on the field on Friday has to do with the fact that we played last Sunday. That Ti-Cats appear to have a chance to get back into the game, but once again are unable to sustain a drive to score another touchdown in the second half, and before you know it I'm headed home around 10:00.

This night just wasn't meant to work out for me. Looking on the good side, I got to spend some time with a close friend, saw some parts of Ancaster I had never seen before, I got a little more familiar with my new phone, and I got home a little after 11:00, which was good, because I had to get up around 5:00 for a 6:00 hockey practice. I guess there is always a silver lining.

On the bad side, why can't they put up some kind of indication that a highway is closed a little further away. If I knew back in Brantford, I could have got their significantly earlier. I am really getting tired of putting up with idiots at football games, and get quite frustrated by the performance on the field. It is getting tougher to make the trek in every time this happens.

I hope everyone else enjoyed the evening and found something good in the nightmare on Friday.