Man, those rider fans will stop at nothing

they must really be scared of the lions to go to the trouble of creating this situation

It will be the Lions in a fog tomorrow come game time... :wink:

nice.. ya the Riders have magic in their veins! :stuck_out_tongue:

WHAT?? This is outrageous. I paid that pilot to not land them in Regina until 4:30 am on Sunday. :twisted:

be afraid, be very afraid, the lions just will not be stopped :slight_smile:

If anything Wally will use this to Fuel the fire . Look out Riders. :x :x :x

Why would this be fuel? Riders can't control the weather, I mean they are good but not that good. Oh, maybe you mean Wally is taking on God, hmmm. All I know the football gods are on our side. :rockin:

This is what I meant just to clarify.
"Plane problems forced Jon Hameister-Ries to spend a day sitting at Tulsa airport with his team en route to the 2005 Conference USA Championship game in Orlando. They arrived at 1am the night before a scheduled 11am kickoff."We used it a rallying cry," he said, as his team went on to defeat Keith Shologan's Central Florida team."

Ah, now I understand. Not sure but it sounds like they did make it into Regina (it is very foggy out, has been all day) already. Probably won't be used for motivation as I think they got in before supper.

Green is the colour, Football is the game, Go Riders.

college ball is a different attitude than Pro.. Professionals don't need stuff like this as motivation..

Haha, what's "supper?" We call it "dinner" out here.

Supper is what they ate on Leave It To Beaver in the '50's.

Dinner is what the Lions will feasting on tomorrow. :lol:

If you mean a dinner of crow, then I agree. Rider will have a late supper of steak and lobster, to celebrate the semi final win over soon to be dismantled Lion’s. :rockin:

Did I tell you guys I am a witch and I can control the weather.. but I only use my powers for good.. not evil.. and a Rider win is always a good thing...

Why would they dismantle BC? They were the best team in the 2nd half of the season, and it took double OT to knock them out. They beat the #1 team in the league (Stamps) 2 times in Calgary...the only team that beat them at home. They are heading in the right direction already.

Dismantled as in we'd destroy them in the semi finals, by dismantling them in all 3 phases of the game. A bit optimistic but we pulled it out. I'm curious though with Wally being 150 years old he must be thinking about the GM position with some team and give up the stress and time commitment of HC. The BC OC being not that great, will we see a new staff in BC next year? Players are fine though Simons may start to think about retirement as well.