Man oh man this is scary

too close to home. middle of the day only half a mile away

it is a well travelled stretch of road for my family

Wow FYB. Oh yeah that's so close. Was it gang-related or associated with organized crime?

here it is one and the same, and probably

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Wow. Can the provincial government crack down without having to rely on more help from the federal government?

Or are the underlying problems not ones Ottawa will touch more inside of Canada as opposed to trying to stop the flow of criminal and illegal drugs from outside of Canada?

Down here what's happened in the drug trade in this millennium should spawn many more shows, books, and movies probably for the rest of our lives.

I would note when living in Las Vegas, the Cartel as depicted in "Breaking Bad" in nearby New Mexico did not have near the clout in Las Vegas and was not at the top of the game as it faced competition from other syndicates both domestic and foreign.

I was an early fan of that show in 2009 after being drawn to the scenery as I had missed out in the southwest and still do.

Sometime after 2013, when I visited and could see the rebound from the economic recession from December 2007 through 2012 or so that was borne of much foreign investment including from criminal syndicates, that all changed and was the case well beyond Las Vegas across much of the US.

A dominant number of roads led to El Chapo and not only Mexican ones with regards to the dominance in the drug trade in the US, and that's it's own tale beyond as depicted in "Breaking Bad" and so forth.

her is some info.

they mention a gang in a park at commercial and 14th that was there during the 60s. I used to ride through there a lot on my bicycle back then.

they also mention a school I went to for half a year, Sir charles tupper. Fortunately I was never bothered by any gangs.

Near the bottom it talks a little about how gangs morphed into more criminal ventures. Thats just in Vancouver. Surrey and the Fraser Valley would have their own history.

Here is another article

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maybe I should rethink my opinion re gun ownership. Since all the bad guys got guns anyhow, maybe the rest of us SHOULD be allowed to arm ourselves for protection from the scum of society.

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That's kind of how most of us think down here though we are not amongst those spotlighted in the media who are on one hand with unlawful ownership of firearms, which is its own sham and associated with racial injustice, and all those dudes who have the opinion that owning a small arsenal is going to protect you from the government on some fateful day when they think they will be the target.

It's probably one of the very few areas on which I disagree with most Canadians, but I am aware that many Canadians own a long gun for hunting just fine and keep that ready just in case with no issues.

The reality is that those who want guns get them one way or the other, and the larger issue is how the arms trafficking industry, both legal and illegal, gets away with it and here in the US with implicit sanction by the US Government.

Thank you for these articles FYB. They go in my print and read stack for the next few evenings. Cheers. You are working to do the better and right thing I know.

I read those articles FYB and they were good overall.

I wish they went into more about gang identities and their rackets.

Anyway, were you a gang member too and how many different gangs?

It's great you survived.

well, we had an unofficial gang that hung out at a park together in Toronto in the 70s.

we mostly just made noise.

The only other "gang" I ever belonged to was church young peoples.

As for surviving, being able to outrun just about anybody sure helped :slight_smile:

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Well this means you can be referred to as "our former gang member FYB" in appropriate context as well. Thank you again.

Oh yeah me too on the running until age 40.

It's October. So what else is scary aside from politics?

they be more and more brazen. Shooting in middle of day in public places. Even shooting a man carrying a baby.

another thing that is scary is how low the traffic here has become.

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Well I was hoping for maybe some ghost story or something unexplained, but yes that tale is scary!

as for something un explained, I still cant figure out why my wife loves me. Clearly one of life's biggest mysteries :slight_smile:

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You are in one very big club FYB right there. Even bigger is the one in which you can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em. :cowboy_hat_face:

Ah horse pucky. I got nothing yet today. :no_mouth:

That was you? I used to ride MY bike through there although I think I rode through a few years after you :wink:

That park is the second oldest park in the city

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