Man, I love this team!!

As frustrating as the onfield stuff has been, I almost feel like I'm more of a fan today than I was before. Perhaps this is the Maple Leaf-syndrome of building underdog affection through non-stop losing. And/or, the clinging to hope that we'll finally break out...where every win results in a parade. (Kinda like the '92 Leafs.)

Plus, even with the stadium debate in full swing -- its so refreshing to be past the days where off-season discussion revolved around whether or not the team would survive. And that buying tickets was seen as a civic charity duty.

Having a caretaker who seems to legitimately care about the team, the city and fans is also something that solidifies loyalty. My supposed 'other favourite team' (well, until Mr. Balsille works his magic) prefers to hide behind the veil of 'MLSE' -- and is generally disconnected and cold towards me, the fan.

Anyway...we have a lot to be proud of. We've survived a lot. Here's hoping for a full stadium (...especially since her days may be numbered) on Canada Day, roaring through a few victories.

Can hardly wait.

:thup: Well said.


Lets support it !

i can relate! as a long time cardinals fan.. this year was the best in many, everygame was amazing, just making it to the playoff was amazing, and to have them goto the SB i cried, im feeling very positive about the direction of my ticats now aswell! i cant help but thank mr young as many times as i can for giving the team, city and us fans such a great opportunity here!