Man, did the fat lady sing us off in style!

One more game, one more tactical error. Loosing by 3 with just over a minute to play. Third down and we kick! It's no accident we lost 9 games by 4 points or less, we played it that way. Hard to be positive tonight.

Gotta wonder about some of these calls that's for sure.

on the bright side, Palardy is awesome.. and I liked what I saw from Elliot, although his final stats aren't overly impressive. I don't envision he'll be behind Brink on the depth chart any longer.

TBH I think we dropped the ball on the whole Palardy thing.MB said however that Aaron Ifield (current kicker for the Calgary Dino's) is on our neg. list.I'm hoping to see him in TC next year fighting DeAngelis for the job.Good effort tonight guys, better luck next year :thup:

Lapo gambled that the defence would get a 2 and out and we would have about 40-50 seconds on the clock when we got the ball back. Considering the inexperience of the QB and the fact Calgary has the top defence in the league, I think it is understandable that he had more faith in the defence than the offence. If a 3rd down gamble failed the Stamps are instant FG range - they could run a couple of plays to get the clock down and kick a FG and we'd have 10 seconds if we were lucky to get a TD.

I understand the logic , but I think we should have gone down (or not) fighting.

I totally agree. A ten-yard completion was at least as good odds as a two-and-out (or an onside punt recovery) and looks like we're trying. Like I said elsewhere, ending the season on a punt into the wind just seems too symbolic of 2010.

Yes, we really do have a lot of the pieces in place. We could do a lot worse than have Pierce and Jyles competing for #1, and give Elliott a year of serious grooming to see what he's got. The D has done better than I feared they might, Reid is for real and either Bernard or Garrett will make a good backup, we've got some good receivers in Edwards Carr and TJH at least.

I certainly think we'd have won some of those close ones if Buck and a whole crew of others hadn't gone down (they might not all have been close, considering what our wins were like).

It's those tactical decisions on the sidelines that actually worry me most. Hopefully it's just rookie coaches finding their feet...

I agree with Blue Blood on this one. The chance of a 2 and out from the "D" was a lot better than the chance of 14 yards into the wind with Elliot - literally handing Calgary a field goal or possible touchdown.

My hunch is that if he would have "gone for it and failed" this thread would still be about him making the wrong call.

Well, yeah... it sort of comes with wanting to win instead of always wonder about the road not taken, especially with some of LaPo's navigation this year.

Yeah, Lapo is no Cal Murphy to be sure!! I was standing about 4 blocks down Portage ave from the windy corner in late November in 1984..and hopefully it'll happen again soon. I believe Winnipeg have many solid building blocks in place. Canadian talent needs to be addressed big time and yeah!!! If Buck wins TC in 2011 then let him rip!!!! He's a heck of a Qb and why not give the Buck Pierce experiment one more good shot!
Jyles will only get better...also!!

Just shocked at the outcome, :lol: , okay maybe not.

Bombers have a boat load of raw talent, too much actually, which is why they can't finish, yet.

Doug Brown is ageless, his motor never stopped last night, running down Stamps from behind all night long, he can play another year or two no problem.

....How about that little Garrett guy....I can see this guy sticking...What a speed merchant....If he gets some blocking next out for this kid...He's gonna burn a few teams :thup: :rockin: ...
I think the final play was a ...damned if you do....damned if you don't scenario...Tough one to call, considering the circumstances...LaPo can't really be faulted...We'll just have to avoid putting ourselves in that kind of position next year and that comes with a more experienced coach and team...It'll come... :wink:

Well said about the final play Papa! I agree about Garrett as well.

Unfortunatley this year Lapo made enough bad calls to make everyone second guess every call he makes. I personally think he'll be fine - he seems to have the personality to take the critisism, yet not take it personally (unlike Mr Kelly).

The stats don't show a winning team, but they show a ton of talent! I look forward to seeing next year. The rookies won't be rookies, hopefully the injuries won't be as numerous - and with a little luck, the refs won't have to keep apologizing for game changing blown calls!

For this CFL fan, and I'm sure for many many others, it'll be one sad day when Doug Brown retires. I wonder if coaching is in his future ?

....depends MadJack......Doug is thought very highly of by Asper....Ownership by Asper appears a long way off...BUT I think Brown will stick around for one more kick at the can....after that....coaching or some other position within the Bomber organization is probably a distinct possibility :wink:

Doug Brown signed an extension last season that runs to the end of 2011. He did make some comments in a column earlier in the season about how he’s never played on a team with a new stadium and how he’d like to do that. I think he will step out into a new stadium in Winnipeg as an active player.

One last thing to add to the decision not to go for it on 3rd down, I think Lapo not only had faith in the defence but I also think he has a lot of faith in JJ to pull out a big punt return like he did against BC.

Where else will Brown make 125 000 next year ? Of course he is coming back !

Well kasps I sure hope you are correct. . . the CFL will be poorer once this particular class act retires. . . seems to me on a TSN broadcast late this season he was onscreen saying something to the effect that he would consider retirement after the season. . . personally I hope he considers it and decides not to, I'm sure there's at least a season or two of gas left in that particular tank. . .

...I echo those sentiments MJ, Doug Brown is a class act and his departure from the field would be a loss for the whole league let alone the Bombers (although a few offensive lineman across the league might disagree with me on that point)....I hope he stays on....