Consider this an “Entertainment Post”

Your thoughts?

…um, it’s not…

It’s also highly political, and thus off-limits.

Don’t really like them on anybody, but not really an issue to me

I really had no idea what you guys were talking about. I looked it up…HO HUM, just another fad.

It would look really cool with your tattoos, earrings and your little brother’s suit when you go to the mall to buy pet rocks.

Punchable faces


thats just funny

Just no to the whole man bun craze. (Says the follicly challenged guy.) :slight_smile:

I wish Noah Robinson the Missouri LBer would have used one yesterday when he was getting ready for his 40 run. Where’s Lou Lamarello when you need him. :slight_smile:

I concur even on the opposite track with my hair having its own state identification and full voting rights.;D

Follicly-challenged or not, no one hungry is going to steal those buns for breakfast either.