This guy is horrible he play HB covering slot back and plays 10 yards off the ball thats rediculous he's too slow he is the reason Calvillo tore us apart because 82 was open all day because malveaux gives him too much room.. Like if he was covering a WR sure thats fine because theres a longer throw and u can break on it easier but slot back c'mon bring back Bolden or Onyengecha at least they have the speed.

Is it just him though ? That has been a big criticism of Marshalls defence all along. Unless you get a guy with 10 foot long arms, they are going to line him up in the same place.

The only way the Marshall defence works, is if the front seven can get some heat on the qb. Until that starts to happen, the secondary is going to continue to get hung out to dry.

piggy you make a good point but last year we all got used to seeing malveaux get beat everygame. Yes he has made a few nice plays, prolly one everygame but more times then not he is getting beat

....exactly piggy.....the dbs, are playing soft and too far off the receiver...That is one of the big reasons why we hardly ever knockdown a pass and have zero interceptions in a game...They have to take a lesson from Parker of the Argos....he's always in position and it shows ...Maybe we don't have the guys with closing speed like Parker....we may have to find some... :roll:

I don't know if all are DB's are playing soft but Malveaux is a player like Onyenegecha can keep up with these players and when he played last year barely got beat and was knocking down balls left and right. Bolden can also come back and play his position Malveaux has nothing like if ur gonna line up far back you better have some good breaking speed but he doesn't he is slow in every aspect of the game he misses tackles every other DB we have if the get beat the are the ones 8/10 making the tackle on the other hand malveaux makes a tackle on his man 3/10.

I say trade this fool for a safety like KhariKhari, Lysack, maybe even Steinauer.

if you remember we once had lysack in a trade from cal just to send him back

Maybe that Amos guy will get a shot, he has pretty good credentials. But I would be very surprised if he replaces Malveaux (he's Marshalls wonder boy).

just doing the math we sign sheraden to big and still has not played a game (even after he lost wieght wich was going to make him more durable)-has that guy ever played half a season never mind a full one .Milt as good as he is were paying him big even after we knew his knee was messed up( could have put him on 9 game or physicaly unable to preform list) so we cut bolden with out letting him even come to camp and compete for a job or work to get him under the cap While those 2take up valuble cap space (not to mention kahn so make that 3) and to top it off Taman lost samford Samules to Edmonton last year (had a good year last year)but has not even thought about bringing him back when he was cut early in edmonton s traning camp

i really like kahn he was a dam good olineman, but if you ask me he goes on the 9 game and if he fails to get into playing shape we have to let him go. although sheridan is hurt our oline thrives with him on it. and well last i heard stegall is reportedly back this week against B.C

...i have a 'hunch' that we may see Stanford Samuels IF ...and that's a big if our dbs. have another stinker like the Mont. game....We are giving up too much ground in the secondary...and when the plays don't even look close...the opposition qb. is playing pitch and catch all the way up the field having a wonderful time...we also need to put more pressure on the qb. and that comes from the guys up-front.. :expressionless:

There's no way Marshall is sitting Malveaux unless Berry forces him to. Marshall has already stated that Malveaux is his favourite player.

I will never forget when he played for Calgary and he actually signed Stegalls TD ball.... man did he ever look like an idiot!!!!!!1 I still laugh about that from time to time.... Not only was he trying to be a wannabe TO....(which was bad enough on it├Ęs own) but then it turned out the simmultaneous catch went to the offence in actuality it was a Stegal TD.....Man that was priceless.