Malveaux traded for Perry

The Edmonton Eskimos have sent nine-year veteran defensive end Fred Perry to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in exchange for a fellow nine-year veteran, defensive back Kelly Malveaux.

Perry was acquired by the Esks prior to the 2008 campaign, but saw action in only seven games, managing just one sack. The native of Fort Smith, Arkansas has 299 tackles, and 57 sacks in his CFL career. Winnipeg will be the fifth different stop on Perry's CFL resume, including two stints with the Eskimos.

Malveaux had a productive year for the Blue Bombers in 2008, contributing 63 tackles, two interceptions, and a sack. Edmonton will be his fifth CFL destination as well, after spending time in Saskatchewan, Calgary, Montreal, and Winnipeg.

I'll hardly recognize anybody this season...but then, maybe that's not a bad thing...

"Get your programs....get your programs here!!!"

I like the trade, Perry was a monster in the playoffs last year. Kelly wasn't just blowing smoke about a pressure defensive front. That will help take some heat off the questionable secondary until it gets settled.

I've posted it elsewhere but I flatter myself to think it's worth repeating here on the Winnipeg boards.

There have now been two trades between Edmonton and Winnipeg. First the Esks sent Shabazz to the Bombers for Ellis, and now Perry for Malveaux

So, combining them, it's Perry for Ellis at DE, and Shabazz for Malveaux in the secondary.

I think Perry is superior to Ellis at DE, and I think Shabazz is superior to Malveaux in the secondary (and they can both play LB as well, and again I prefer Shabazz there).

So, as I see it, advantage Winnipeg.

I'd venture to say Danny M is not making good trades for the Eskies, but he did come out ahead in getting Kitwana Jones off of the green riders for bag of balls.

Coming from an Als fan, I'll take that as an objective observation. I always regarded Als fans as the 'second most knowledgeable' fans in the league MJ. :wink:

Thanks kindly piggy. I try to be objective, most of the time…

And so the record is clear, yes I am an Als’ fan of longstanding (since the late 50s), but I am a CFL fan first and foremost by a country mile, and an Als’ fan second.

…That you are MadJack…a true fan…

I’m a little mystified at this move…I do like your take on the trade, MadJack …But…Malveaux was a very versatile guy in the secondary…a position on this club that is very suspect…Perry is a very good rusher off the line and if he can still perform at a high level …we could be a very dangerous bunch…End result …we we’ren’t that bad up-front, on the d, in any case…and with this move,have done nothing to strengthen our secondary…Could there be more player trades a-foot???..After recent developments …could the roughies be glancing Walls way???.. Watching Kelly …wheeling and dealing with great fervor…I have to think there’s another shoe about to drop… :wink: :roll: I kinda get the feeling there’s a db of note, waiting to don the BluenGold…

Losing Malveux kinda stings me personally, i loved the way malveux played, great hustle and a solid tackler, but on the other end we get an experienced DE in Fred Perry, who may have only had one sack last year, but his previous years on Edmonton and other teams, he was a big time player on the end. He is an upgrade over Ellis and hopefully will have a great year, and i also agree that Shabazz is a better player than Malveux, this trade makes our team stronger and i said it before, Our BB'S WILL surprise alot of fans in 2009, just wait and see :rockin:

Hey, whatever happened to Tom Canada? Is his career over now after that injury he had later in the season last year? Is he even still listed on the roster for this season?

He's a free as a bud ! Weeeeeeeeee!

Manitoba "bud" I assume!! :smiley:

canada would be a great pick up for the cats… Canada and Mace may actually give them a visable D-Line this year if they managae to bring them to camp… Not like the invisable one they had in years past

Well so is Sideeq Shabazz.......he can play, and play well (better than Malveaux, in my opinion), DHB, safety, or OLB.

Perry is a very good rusher off the line and if he can still perform at a high level ...we could be a very dangerous bunch....
Well he sure performed at a high level in the playoff game last season against..............oh yes, the Bombers.
and with this move,have done nothing to strengthen our secondary....Could there be more player trades a-foot????......
Bang on, you have also picked up Ternovatsky and Walls from the Stampeders.

Good way of looking at this. When I first heard this, I started cussing. We got plenty at defensive end with Walls/Johnson starting and decent depth behind it. Malveaux was so valuable last year and the thought of him not being on the defense scared, considering we got a Perry, for what he did in the playoffs, but he seems like he's on the downside of his career.

The way I view it, Perry is an asset that we didn't need as much as Malveaux. Will he help our defense? I'm confident he will. But not as much as Malveaux would. Possibly my manlove for Malveaux is interfereing with my judgement.

Im kind of excited about this trade. At first I was pretty upset, but I bit my tongue and thought about it. I was upset for a few reasons:

  1. we traded from an area of weakness, to upgrade at a position of strength.
  2. Perry will have to replace Riall Johnson, who is canadian.
  3. Malveaux was extremely usefull last season

Then I thought some more about it and realised

  1. Perry and Walls at defensive end is going to be disgustingly awesome
  2. Perry is definately a game changer, Malveaux was good, but never a game changer... Perry is definately the bigger playmaker
  3. we traded for Lenny Walls, who could very well be a much better DB than Malveaux. So the area of weakness improved a bit.
  4. we have lots of options for our staring 7 anyway, Plus if there happens to be an injury we can still throw Riall Johnson in there! Also we have much better depth at this spot than probably anyone in the league now.

It wasn't untill I was reading to stamps forum on that I came to these conclusions. When every fan who posts is upset about losing a DB, It usually means he was pretty good! 8)

And, I don't think it's fair to say that our secondary is a weak spot. It has been in the past, but it has gotten a make over. And when you increase the pressure from the front end you take pressure off of the back end.