Malveaux back with Als

Apparently he injured his hamstring and never got the chance to play in the Arena League, so he got waived. It’s believed he’ll be making quite a bit more than his 45k base salary of last year. He’s signed for a year plus an option.

Good news. Now we’ve got Crutchfield, Malveaux, Sejour, Durden and Curry, plus all the new import faces at training camp. Our secondary ain’t looking too shabby, is it? :slight_smile:

It sure is good news; now we wait for camp to see who gets the start at safety…should be interesting

Apparently, 1st draft pick Matthieu Proulx could start this year. That’s what Popp said last friday.

Ah yes Popp did say that; but did he say start at Safety??

He said Proulx COULD start. It would be a long shot in my opinion. Proulx is a great young prospect but it’s extremely rare for a Canadian college grad to go directly into a starting spot on a CFL team. If he can, fabulous – he’ll free up an import spot elsewhere. If not, we’ve got people to step up.

Also, he’s a DB (halfback) by trade, I believe, and might not be used to the mental quickness that the free safety position requires. If he is going to start, I’d rather put him at halfback cover spot, where he’s more comfortable, than throw him into an unfamiliar role.

yes he will free up a import spot but hat is quickly taken up by the new kicker. Ahh kellett may not be the star everyone wanted but he was dependable and CANDIAN WHO DID BOTH!!!, so now we are in a dilema about ratio, or we may not be , one will only have to wait.

For what they traded to get Proulx, and the quality of Laval’s program, i think the step is less than other CIS schools, he may be able to do so IMO. We will see at TC.

Come talk Alouettes football Go Als Go!

Well here’s what we’ve got…Curry and Crutchfield on the corners, Durden and Malveaux at HB; if Popp thinks Proulx can start, and Proulx is a HB, is he going to beat out Durden or Malveaux?

So at safety we have…Sejour? Karikari?

your going to have to have Karikari play becuase of the ratio, is he ready and good enough option for us? Has anyone typed out a starting roster (moch roster) to see if we will run into ratio peoblems? that would be a good thread.

I don’t thin there is a ratio for the starting formation? Last year, only 2 canadians were starters in defence (Phillion and Sanchez) and most of the time, only 5 canadians were starters in offence (4 on the O-Line and Cahoon)

There’s no way Proulx is replacing Durden at halfback. Durden is the best cover guy we have.

As for Karikari at safety, it could work (or maybe even Stephane Fortin), but don’t forget: the safety isn’t even a regular part of our defensive formations. Lots of times last year Miles would be taken out in favour of an extra lineman or linebacker.

Malveaux’s return is great, but still, I can’t believe we let Miles and Sanchez go in BC and Edmonton. Of course, we have an intersting relief, but I’ll never admit that Crutchfield or anyone else can stand in for them.

I liked our defensive backs last year. But the thing is that I felt they got beat alot. For example, that 2nd game versus BC. BC Marched down the whole field in like 2 minutes all by the pass. Im not blaming it all on the DBs, its the whole defensive. I like to see new faces in our team.

Whatever you do, do not have doubt in Jim Popp. He always gets these guys who stand out with the Alouettes, after a few years of no one hearing of them, or drafts some rookies who are outstanding. For example, Amondo Curry.

Matthews was quoted as saying that the Als secondary will be bigger and better this year with Crutchfield and Curry on the corners, Karikari at safety, Durden and Sejour as Db’s (which could make Malveaux expendable)and throw in Dorvelis and Proulx. Khari Samuel has been released. He also said that the Als could have 5-1000 yard receivers this year after being the only team ever to have 4 last year. Pretty optomistic!