Malveaux at Safety...

Love the idea of #27 at safety. Worked out pretty good too...Obviously we were able to do that by starting 2 Canadian receivers.

Sooo...once Terrence Edwards is healthy, what do we do? Go back to Nugent at safety? Sit Romby or Stegall?

…If Romby keeps dropping those sure td. catches …i know who i’m sitting…Of course Milt dropped a sure one himself…but rust will do it to ya…Romby has wd40 all over him…no excuse… :roll:

Yeah lets get rid of the guy he’s only one of the leading receivers and already a favourite for rookie of the year no other receiver has ever dropped a ball like that

6 of one half dozen of the other... The team needs to get into the winning mode and all the numbers game will fall away. Liked Kelly at safety myself. A nice problem to have, you know having guys who can do different things.
Don't see a problem there.

Not suggesting there is a problem...

Just wondering what the Bombers will do to get TE back into the lineup...Either Nugent starts back at safety, KM goes back to HB and SS sits, or one of Romby/Milt has to sit...unless someone knows of a different way.

Chances are they won't all be healthy at the same time, but if they are, they will just have to platoon, which is probably the best way to keep Milt healthy anyway.

iunno butm i love ahving stoddard play. and that was a very well played game by kelly. i say stegall over romby

I think the real question was did the defence improve because Malveaux was at safety or because Samuels replaced him at halfback??

Probably because the Bomber offense kept them off the field for long stretches at a time. When we needed them most late in the 4th quarter, there was still some gas in the tank.

Samuels wasn't at HB, he was on the corner; Johnson moved inside to the HB spot vacated by Malveaux.

Basically the only move we have is to add onto the Oline or Dline.

And as soon as Edwards is ready they have a tough decsision to make cuz it will be between Bryant and Edwards on who sits i am going to guess there will just be a rotation between edwards, bryant, stegall that way they are always ready and if they need a breather its no biggy cuz there all pretty close to the same skill level.