Mallett's monster game overshadowed by controversy!

What is truly unfortunate with the hubbub over the circus that was the last minutes of the game, is that what may well be one of the finest performances ever by a CFL rookie has taken a back seat to the officials error. We should be talking about Mallett’s game, instead it has taken a back seat to an officials error which has little effect on the standings.

Well I for one will give him congrats and to the entire offense, that man can move the mail, great game regardless of the controversy surrounding the end of the game. :thup:

I disagree, it could have a big effect on the standings, moreso the West division and the potential cross-over than the East division. It may not effect where Montreal ends up in the standings, but it matters a lot to the BC Lions and the West division. Right now the West is very tight with the top team being 5-3 and the bottom team now being 4-5. With things going the way they are, the 4th place in the West might have a better record than both the two bottom teams in the East, right now being Winnipeg and Toronto at 3-5 and 2-6 respectively.

Yes, of course your right about the West standings, in my miopic moment I was only considering the effect on Montreal. It is however unfortunate that the controversy overshadows Malletts performance.

whats the controversy your talking about is it when the Als scored the touchdown because imo the als got the benefit of the doubt i think because they got a holding call which would have set them back 3rd and 11 rather than 3rd and inches why do u think wally was so pissed at the end there because he felt at the time the game was probably gonna slip away and wanted the holding call.

That belongs in the thread about that call, not here. This thread is about whether Malletts game was overshadowed by the controversy not about the controversy itself.

I congratulated Mallett in the game topic... and then cursed Rod Black when he decided to be an idiot with the Gladiator Award. Mallett was robbed, that's for sure. Great game by him.

I'd be having that guy on my team any day, runs hard and with determination, could be a real keeper if he stays healthy and stays in the league. He'll get the gladiator award soon enough I'm sure.

The thing is, Mallet wasn't even one of Roy Shivers's off-season "finds" (those were few and far between this year, but I digress....). Martell played his college ball at Arkansas Pine-Bluff, Carl Kidd's alma mater. Carl coached the linebackers but saw CFL potential in him and urged Wally to sign him, even though he didn't put up great numbers there (owing to a pourous offensive line).

In fact, Mallet wasn't even a lock to make the Lions despite the fact there was no #1 coming in. He didn't particularly impress at camp - no running back really stood out - which had the coaches concerned. But he's improved every week to the point where he has to be considered a contender for CFL Rookie Of The Year.

Great game yet again by Mallett! We're not missing Stephan Logan too much. :smiley:

Great game yet again by Mallett! We’re not missing Stephan Logan too much. :smiley: