Mallett & Peguese Released

Wow I really didn't see this coming, and I'm not a fan of it...

Release our starting RB and arguably our best DE when we have depth issues in both spots.Seems legit :thup: :roll:

I'm shocked to see Mallett released at this stage. Was hoping to see him in camp and approaching his potential after last year's injury.

Shocked, get Avon back here right away. we're in deep doo doo again. :?

I have to agree with other posters here so far - the release of Mallett and Peguese without even giving them a chance to compete in training camp is surprising. :o

This move is indeed puzzling , however every interview I have listened to , Austin talks about the culture he wants on this team , Peguese was a problem child in BC , that is one of the reasons Buono dumped him , Mallet not so sure , I think he could be a salary dump as i am sure he was signed for big bucks. The Ti-cats are still in negotiations with Plesius and probably others and he needs to free up some cap space for those he considers important to the team . However, having said this, it makes us a little thin in the RB position the way it stands now --I would love to see Avon back but I do not believe its in the cards. ----I have to believe in what the coaches are doing and expect to see some more signings before or during training camp .

From Drew Edwards
But Mallett did not look great at mini-camp. He seemed to be lacking some explosiveness, hardly unexpected coming off an Achilles injury. And Chevon Walker, who set the CFL on fire last season before getting hurt, looked great. He might have won the job, regardless.

And as it always does, money likely played a role. Walker's on his rookie deal and Mallett's a vet... even if he agreed to take a pay cut, he wouldn't come cheap. The Ticats feel pretty good about some of new import guys they have on the roster already and will likely bring in one or two more.

The trend in the CFL and the NFL is not to pay big money to running backs because it's unnecessary. Unless you're a ratio breaker, like Jon Cornish, the theory is you should be able to find a relatively affordable guy to do the job as long as the pieces around him – offensive line, passing game – are good. Kory Sheets (Saskatchewan) and Chad Simpson (Winnipeg) were relative unknowns before last season and finished second and fourth in league rushing.

The Ticats are about to test that theory.[/b][/i]

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Yeah, I'm guessing Mallett's release was a combination of subpar minicamp + salary + injuries slowing him down. Nothing shocking about that, and even if the Cats are thin at running back, certain other teams are overstocked (the Als, for example, have a glut at RB). Just wait a few weeks and someone good will become available to back up Walker.

Peguese is a bit more of a surprise to me, in light of the McElveen trade. Steinhauer must really be confident in the remaining linemen to OK this.

Add me to the list of the shocked. Wonder if Mallett asked for a release if the Cats had told him they were leaning elsewhere.

OK, now I'm totally confused. So we're back to Walker as our starting RB? Not that I thought he was that bad, but I was really thinking that they'd be going with Mallet as the starter and Walker as change of pace. Are either of Gable or Porter good enough to be backup, or even starter? I suspect there could be injury concerns, that he just isn't 100% yet.

And Peguese too? I don't get it, although it does sound like they're going towards an NI or maybe two on the DL.


I don't think he asked to be released judging by his twitter post right before the Cats announced the cut.
Martell Mallett ?@Martell_Mallett
When one door closes, just pull another kick doe! #life

And as a side not I really hope we aren't planing on going with Chevy as the starter because I really don't think he's good enough.

Not sure he's durable enough either. Hard not to feel bad for guys like Mallett. You look at their roadmap and you wonder if it is even worth it. Running Back is a terrible position to make a career out of.

im not to worried about our D-line as for our RB situation i think Chevy and The rookie c.j Gable will do fine! Gable had a good college stats @ USC :cowboy:

This is why I think it should be mandatory to pay running backs more. They play the most physically punishing position in football with a terrifyingly short career span (five years at most unless you’re a freak like Mike Pringle) and no job security. And they have to deal with the health repercussions for the rest of their lives. They deserve a much better annual salary to compensate.

Cannot agree at all. Mandating salaries by position? Never work.

It's how a free market system works; supply (of running backs) exceeds the demand, so the salaries are considerably lower than, say, a QB. No matter how good a RB might be, there's always some younger guy coming at a lower rate who can perform as well or better. . .

HAM invested the money on the Mallet that was a star in BC and not the 80% recovered version they have now. Combined with high salary its a no mystery.
Peguese was good. Obviously they felt there's somebody better. Austin also stressed about team "culture" and Peguese perhaps didn't meet the standard.

I did not see either of these releases coming.

Maybe the Cats are bringing Chris Williams buddy to camp?

And as far as Plesius is concerned, is his hesitation to commit to Hamilton going to be "culture friendly"

I hope Austin et al know what they are doing

LOL, free market system. Pro team sports are not free market systems. Or maybe you want to show me a type of business where one owner agree to spend only a certain portion of money on personnel to ensure that the other owner's business doesn't go under... :lol:

Austin is and will want to bring in his own guys. A combo of Mallet's injury or has some NFL imports ready to step in. as well as a trade for Garret possibly or the CFL free agent signing in Boyd.
As for Peguese a great talent and top special teams player at DE but it seems his charter is what may have seasled his fait in Hamilton along with the signing of 3 new Canadian DEs to go along with Anoine Fortin so it could be a ratio spot