Mallet "Giving it another Run"

Good article in the Sun about Mallet at the mini-camp:

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In an interview in Hamilton's Mini camp it appears that Mallet will be ready and it was stated that the Ti Cats will be using a 2 import RB system. Last season Cortez claimed that he could not fit 2 import backs onto the 42 man roster under the original plan but later when Walker went out and when they finally activated Cobourne for a game things changed quickly they brought in that rookie RB/KR man to back up Coabourne and later kept both Walker and Cobourne on the roster for the remainder of the season. It did relegate Aaron Kelly to the inactive spot each week but the Cats were loaded at Canadian Reciever being able to start 3

Cortez actually said that he couldn't have an import as a backup RB unless he could (would?) also return kicks. In the second half of the season, he was able to dress Walker as the backup RB because Walker also returned kickoffs. I'm assuming he'll do the same this year, possibly punts as well if Williams decides to sit out the year.

Actually if I remember right Walker did start the season returning Kick Offs with Giguere and it was said the cobourne would not play special teams thats why he could not dress him. the second halpf of the season saw Walker not starting and not returning kicks when he returned from injury and Cobourne was starting an playing a lot a specials but not returning anything. Onrea Jones actully ended the season returning Kick offs with Giguere and the Tigats were second in the CFL in Kick Off return yardage at the end of the season.
I would put my money that Jones would be the first choice to move to punt returner and Walker back to return kick offs with Giguere