malbrough, omar morgan, or davin bush?

in the article written abou jason goss' unlikley return, marcel says these guys may b headed over here to play, wiche wud u like to see here most, id haveto go with malbrough

all three - end of story

I disagree Malbrough was part of a Winnipeg secondary that got lit up last year. I'd have to go with either of the Sask. guys leaning a bit more to Morgan then Bush.

3 time CFL All star Morgan.

meh, id welcome all of them,but regardless if jason came back, id take him over all 3 of these guys, poor jason, he would have been a great cfl player 4 years n years.

The way I see things, our two halfbacks will be Kornegay and Cody, our cornerbacks will be Gordon and Bradley, and our safety will be Shaw. This is a pretty good unit already, if you ask me.

I would pick up Morgan to add depth to the secondary (he can rotate in and we won't lose anything, coverage-wise). But I think in terms of D, our free agent dollars will be spent on two D-Linemen: McKay-Loecher and (I hate to say it) Belli. These two guys are Canadian, and if we sign them, that opens things up for us to start more Americans at linebacker or receiver.

Also, don't be surprised if Gauthier beats out Shaw at safety. I think Desjardins is really high on #22, and Shaw, (who is probably making pretty good money) might be chopped because of age and dollars.

i wouldn't count out Sam Young at corner - i dont think he's lost the skills he had when he played in BC. There may also be $$ isues in pursuing BOTH those D-linemen cause i suspect both will be highly sought by both cats and argos. Definitely make sure to get at least one tho, and frankly Loescher is probably a better deal because of his youth.

Was it just me, or did I miss where the article stated Marcel said they could be headed over here to play? The way I read it, was a statement by the reporter stating they could be available for the right price...

"was it jus me" like do u feel better about urself tryna make sum1 look stupid, there no need 2 be a smartass about somthing. jus say what u feels is correct n leave it at that. jackass, im sick of people like u who always think ur better then every1 else. god u make me sick.

whoa dude...someone has a complex. I wasn't trying to make you look stupid (your grammar and spelling does that well enough).

It actually was a real question..asking if I missed it...I've been mistaken before, and was asking if I was the only one.

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and your excuse before the fight with the table saw? That was recent wasnt it?

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No. Your spelling and grammar does not change my way of life at all. HOWEVER, being called a jackass because an illiterate fool misunderstood something I said does upset me a little.

I'd say mycko75 wins on points. Back to the topic please gang.

I think Hamilton's secondary is going to be a real strength this year....Cody and Gordon especially are terrific; just think you need some help at safety and I am not sure that's the right position for any of Malbrough, Bush, or Morgan.

im still out on gordan, im not convinced hes gr8 just yet. he had 2 good games as a rookie we will find out how well he does in TC. safteys r alright not gr8 but they will last.

The way i see it (and ya, mycko you win that one) is that Young was playing great for us before he got hurt (which kind of ended that whole 'playing' part for the rest of the season)

if he can return to form then he's my solid pick at CB.
Cody is our lock at HB
if Goss came back it would make this picture much clearer, and with Kornegay, Bradley and Gordon fighting over that last CB spot I'd feel very happy with our DB's....

as it stands (ie no goss) I think Malborough would be the best of the bunch. Not only is he familiar with Butler, he is also one hell of a DB.
Followed by morgan then bush

oh.... and we still need a safety....
but just think of a defensive backfeild that looked like this:

Young FS Cody
Goss Malborough....

we'd still need a MLB (or one to become dominant), but that DB depth would sure give our Dline a lot more time to get some of those "coverage sacks" we keep hearing about but never getting...

DLine might be shored up through the draft this year... we do have some nice high picks.

Collier was a pleasant surprise, and between Clinton Wayne, Pilon and Dunbrack we had a solid interior rotation.

Maybe we could even bring (hold on to your seats folks) Belli back as a DE (his original position...) I'm sure he'd love to come back.

just a thought

OLB's of Mariuz and a rotation of Cox and Armour (pending legal troubles..) would settle the rest of the defense....

In summary, the defense's needs IMO:

FS (or shaw.... sigh...)
HB or CB... Preferably Malborough either way... Cody played both i think so could take whichever one is open.

and then theres the offense.... but thats a whole other thread isn't it...

Nice post Espo.

If we go out and pick up another back what about moving Cody to Safety. He has speed, reads the Ball well and loves to lay the Smack Down. I know he is very good upfront but Shaw does not IMO break on the ball well enough. Hence all the deep ball plays we gave up last year.

Just a thought.

What about KIDD at ML. He is proven. I know he is 33 but he can still play. I think we should atleast audition him.

Again just a thought.

Cody is one of he best tacklers on the team. He is positioned where he should be: at halfback, where he can lay out slotbacks AND attack running backs who break through the D-Line. Therefore moving Cody to safety would be a mistake.

But I do think Shaw's days at safety are numbered. Someone will take his job at TC. It could be Gauthier, Cox, Beveridge, or a high draft pick. But I'm certain we will see change/improvement at that position in 2007.

I agree with much of this; Cody is a gem, don't mess with success and leave him at HB; the team's two glaring weaknesses on defence are safety and MLB. Giving Cox, Gauthier, and Beveridge a good look-see at safety in training camp is a good idea.

For MLB, I'd be seriously looking at picking up John Grace; in 2005 he was defensive player of the year, I fail to believe that he lost it all in one year, there has to be more gas in that tank; if the salary cap allows, go get him.