Makowsky runner up for Lineman of the Year

Great job Geno! Sad you didn’t win! Towriss must be grinning knowing that both finalists are from his stable! Have a great offseason Geno!

you know, I think this is BS.

Makowsky had to play in multiple places this year, among a team with record injuries.

Flory played on a team with a great offense! I am ticked off that Flory got it.

To be completly honest i didn't think geneo deserved the nod in the west. Sure he played all three positions on the o-line and he was his usual dependable self as a guard and played pretty well as a centre but as a tackle he was very beatable. His age and lack of mobility was apparant and it was frustrating to see such a rock of our oline for so long be beaten so handedly.

Don't get me wrong i wouldnt trade him for any other olineman in the leauge but only if he stays as a guard.

IMO and thats all it Flory has been one of the best lineman in the league for a while and hasn't won the award yet while being a runner up a few times. Gene has one it twice. This year montreal allowed 43 LESS sacks than last year, and while i know that was a team effect, if you asked either Florey or Mak both of them would say that the award was because of their brothers on the oline with them. So what better way to recognize Montreal's oline than to give it to Scott Flory.