Makowsky: "Lions announcer like Robert Plant"

gene makowsky talks about the impact of the b.c. lions announcer tim donovan. that's a whole lotta noise!

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I was there. There announcer is weak. Everytime they are in the huddle he is screaming, playing puppet master to either uneducated or uninitiated BC fans to get them load for the snap. Unfortunately it works. Fortunately we don't need that crap in Saskatchewan. We just get loud because thats what we know we are supposed to do.

There should be rules against audible crowd enticement. BC isn't the only one that is guilty of this, I believe Calgary and Montreal does this as well. I am cool with the mascots enciting the crowd I think that every teams mascot does this, but the PA system should be used for nothing more than announcing the outcome of the play.

Agreed. It drives me freaking nuts. If the Lions fans are too stupid to know when to cheer, why should the announcer tell them?

You know what I couldn’t believe? That idiot Lions fans were leaving the game with 3 minutes left.

There wasn't many leaving from my section. I was ready for them I was going to call them out and unfortunately they did not leave early. I called them puppets quite often though for following the announcer.

It's the same in Edmonton. They need cues from the PA "Come on Esk fans, the defence likes it Loud. Make some NOOIIIIISSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!".

Hows about "who wants the ball back". Thats a great new one this year..... lol

I got tickets from the Ticket exchange on the Lions website. They were someone's season tix, because they were lower-bowl, on the 45 yard-line. Right in front of the broadcast booth. There were lots of people leaving at the 3 minute mark. Including someone's grandma, who tore me a new one for cheering for the Riders. I didn't have the heart to tell a 75 year-old woman to eff off.

She told me I was a traitor. I told her that I am a patriot for not giving up my Rider Pride. 10 years in Vancouver, and I've never been a stronger supporter of the Green and White.

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Well so much for the classy Riders' fans, huh? But, from fans who throw junk at the opposition's bench, I'm not surprised.

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So y' 'bout them B.C. announcers?

I want to respond. I was not slandering the Lions fans. It is not neccesarily their fault. It is the fault of the organization for not educating their fans to cheer without prompting. Here in sask we do not need prompting on every play to be loud.
In my opinion it should not be allowed for an announcer to purposely and directly incite the fans. If you want to do indirectly or with non-verbal cues that is fine.
If your fans do not know when to start to cheer that is your fault, and you shouldn't be able to tell them to start. Especially when the announcer himself is louder than the fans.