Making the WRONG choice when both choices are RIGHT

Traditional scenario based on what grounds. Most football coaches will take the sure points before the risk the 2 point conversion.

Gotta' agree with PCB.

I've never understood why people think going for the 1 pt. play first is best. It makes no difference.

Some point to a psychological edge but I think it goes the other way. Score the 2 and you have momentum and have the other team worrying more- if one really worries about an on-side kick that much.

Any first year Stats student would also understand how variables play in determining statistics.

Why go for two and risk the game with time on the clock if you only have 'supposed' 40% of making it to begin with?

For one the pressure put upon the defence is much greater if the onside kick actually matter, and if the two point convert is to tie the game. The pressure forced on the defence isn't as great if the convert doesn't end in a result on the game.

Bottom line to win the game you need to have a 2 point converted TD on the 1st or 2nd attempt.
If you miss the first 2 point convert you now need a Td and a FG.
It is best to know ASAP if you need that 3rd possible possesion, however unlikely victory may be at that point, but that is playing to WIN!

Well explained B&G, but you're trying to explain 'playing to win' to someone (wk) who has clearly never coached and is a supporter of 2 and 15 Taaffe.

Oh, and for the record, the pressure on the defence is greatest if you have already succcessfully negotiated the two point convert and the defence knows that you only need a TD and chip shot to tie.

Slight change of topic.

When BC lined up their entire kickoff return team within the front 15 yards, a thought occurred to me. What if Setta booted the ball as far as he could, and made it a foot race to recover it? We line up our fastest guys and give them a running start. Their guys have to turn around and run for their lives. Footballs bounce funny. Never know what could happen.

For some reason I like the odds better than the usual short kick which we tried and failed. If we do recover, it's quite possibly a special teams touchdown, or at worst, inside the 20-yard line.

At the very least, it would be fun to watch.