Making the rounds

I made it out to my 6th CFL park last weekend.

Percival-Molson is a great place to take in a football game. The stadium really does feel as small as it is, and there isn’t a lot of space below the stands like you expect at a pro sports stadium.

But the atmosphere is great, and the fans are friendly – even if you’re cheering for the opposition. I suppose the rivalry isn’t as heated as the rest of those in the West.

Just wanted offer thanks to the Als fans for their hospitality. Hope to be back again.

Now I just have to take in a game or two in Ontario.

I usually go to 1 or 2 games a year at percival stadium and it always seems weird for a pro stadium to me (i know it really is a old university stadium) it is TIGHT in there, i am concerned how it is gonna be under those stands when they add an extra 5000 fans in there.

i always found it interesting how when the aloutette players come out through the big helmet at the beginning of the game, they have to come out a locker room door under the stands run past fans, bathrooms, beer/food stands and head around the corner and wait on the side of the stadium for the start of the game. it's cool but funny.

myself i have been to 6 cfl stadiums and percival is defiantly the most intimate.

Have been to Commonwealth, BC Place, Skydome (as it was called then) all once and McMahon too many times to remember. McMahon has great sightlines but the bench seating in the end zones is brutal, as is the shortgage of concessions and bathrooms. The stadium society really needs to pull up its socks and make some improvements.

You ever benn to Ottawa Frank Clair stadium. In the southern stands you had to sit on this cold metal rail. Brutal.

I used to go to the old panda games at Lansdowne Park. What a drunken orgy those were :lol: Occasionally a girl would get passed up and down the stands, or the med students from the U of O would stretch surgical tubing between the stairway supports and fling water balloons at the Carleton crowd on the other side of the field. I remember that stadium to be mostly unremarkable as stadiums go. The only others i’ve been to are Skydome and the Big Owe.