making the playoffs...

i know that calgary has to lose the rest of their games, ottawa can't win more than 1 of their remaining games, and winnipeg has to win their remaining games in order to make the playoffs. but what if calgary still wins 1 game, and they end up being tied with winnipeg at 8-10?? who crosses over if both have a better record than ottawa??

i wouldn't be surprised if calgary did win only one more game, against hamilton of course, and then lose to saskatchewan, winnipeg and edmonton. and i think ottawa will also only win one more. just my opinion..

Calgary has won the season series against you guys, so if you finished tied with them at 8-10 they still get 4th.


but I think our shot at the playoffs this year is gone, these last few games we are playing will be for respect. Then in the offseason, we fix what needs to be fixed and come back in 2006 and win the cup!

Get r' Done!!! BOMBERS!!!!!

that explains everything, i was also confused for the longest time how it worked