Making the game better

Here's an idea for making the game better for fans. Shorten the length of the field so it's 110 yards from the back of the endzone to back of the other endzone. That's a playing surface of 70 yards between goalines (or 80 if you make the endzones 15 yards deep).
While radical, this idea would bring the fans closer to the redzone action and give teams more opportunities to reach the endzone.
Imagine the atmosphere at a stadium if fans sitting in the bleachers were actually in good seats.
This would also reduce the number of punts -- arguably the most boring play in football. C'mon, kick returns off missed field goals and kickoffs are far more exciting than punt returns -- especially with the new rules restricting blocking.
Think about this before reacting and tell me what you think.

Smokes, just buy yourself a season ticket to an Arena Football League game if you wish to be that close to the action.

I don’t think the length of a CFL field is an issue-I prefer the 110 to the 100 in the states-but getting narrower would be interesting…and maybe shortening the endzones; the CFL endzone is the size of, like, Prince Edward Island, right?

That was my immediate reaction upon reading the first post.

I don't like it.

Arena football sucks. I'm saying keep the width, which makes the CFL great, but who praises the length of the field?
Give me one reason why it's vital that it stay 110 yards with 20 yard endzones?

Give me one reason why it's vital that it stay 110 yards with 20 yard endzones
because its not basketball because its not american because long drives to score are better than short drives because its the canadian game

What you want is something else.

Its the greatest game as it is now. No need to try to make it better!

One thing that would make it better-more games on American TV! ESPN, wake up!

I would love to see a CFL game televised on a American network where they use all the cameras and techniques. And it wouldn't even matter about our smaller stadiums, as I mentioned in another thread, the slo-mo's from the end-zone where you see the linebackers face and the running back going through the line and getting bounced are unreal and a CFL game would look just as good if broadcast like this.

Well, teams would work with a smaller field if they would go back to the old blocking rules which imo, made for more exiting punt / kick returns. Old rules, player fields the kick, brings it up to the 45 or 50 giving his team good field position. New rules, player does the same but an illegal block at the 30 means his team starts on the 20.

That was my thought as well. Arena football is boring as hell. The QB's could throw almost the entire length of the field if it were that small.

Besides, punting and punt returns are not boring parts of the game. Your idea would make it boring as hell...that would really make it bush league.

Another Kanga clone spouting off changes just for the heck of it! :roll: :roll: :roll: When will it end? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Van Dieman has it right, buy a ticket to the arena league!

Its funny how often people say they think the CFL endzone is too big. It used to be 25 yards deep and they only had to amend that when BC Place was built in the early 80's, or we would still have them!

Wide recievers can run a full pass patern from the goal line unlike the american version.

Again with the changes to the best and original version of Football! What is it with that?

Arena football sucks becuase there's no room to run. Keeping a wide field makes the CFL different than any other game. However, there's a reason nobody sits in the endzones anymore. I remember going to games at Lansdowne Park, where the bleachers were up tight with the field, and really enjoying the view. At B.C. Place, by contrast, sitting in the endzone means you can't see the play at the other end of the field. That's a shame. And -- all you self-prclaimed traditionalists -- don't forget the CFL has changed its game more than any other style of football over the years. One of the reasons it's such a great game is that it adapts to the age. This is the age of intimate stadiums (whether rugby, soccer or NFL) and improving the broadcast experience. A shorter field, even by 20 yards, helps both causes.

No, buying non-endzone seats helps.

I can see fine at IWS from the end-zones and my vision isn't all that great.
That being said, I agree with shortening the field; 15 yard end zones (posts at back of end zone for better vision for qb for passing lanes) and 100 yard field is fine with me and would be good to tighten things up. As said, one of the beauties of the Canadian game is it has adapted over the years, kept what it likes and borrowed from the Americans where it likes. The width is the absolute key thing that musn't be tampered with.

How would you all feel about shortening the endzones to 15 yards and having the field be 120 yards? :rockin:

Is that a great idea or what? :rockin: Huh? Huh?

How about we make it truly Canadian and instead of field goals we use hockey sticks and have a slap shot between the uprights???

I’m just glad the BOG don’t listen to all these changes, and file them where they belong…In the big round container!