Making the Calls

The coaching staff are the ones who are making these 5 yard passing plays all game...Still...and it makes me wonder why? are they doing this to ease Maas back into game shape or is he really still injured? I hope it is not either one because if they are just trying to get Maas arm back to 100% and they keep starting him, then this season is going to go nowhere...we saw the exact same gameplan last year with a completely different coaching staff, and here it is again...what are WE THE FANS...NOT being told? 5 yard ins/outs and hitch passes can only fool a (good) team once. Is coach taffe watching too much of last years tapes? Or is there something more behind the lack of creativity? What do you the fans think?

With every play call there is more than 1 option as to where you can throw the ball.

One of the receivers might be running a 5 yard hitch... but there are 3-4 more of them out there on the field somewhere and Jason Maas is not finding them.

He does not make the right decisions.

He also can't scramble.

He's not very good. Period.

I realize that there are always more than 1 reciever but every single pass he threw almost looked like it was a set pass to one reciever…which i think is called in from the bench…Maas is smart enough to realize that if he cant make a throw to that reciever then to get the ball to someone else but every recievers routes were 5 yards anyways so it doesnt even really matter…we never once stretched their defense so they just played in close the whole game…limiting us to stupid 3 and 4 yard gains

It depends on what progression system is in place re pass route depths. From what I gleaned from comments on the Ticats post-game recap (before the Fifth Quarter), Joe Sardo pointed out that the Stamps were taking away deep routes and letting Maas throw underneath their zones.

It's one thing to take what the defence gives you, it's another to take advantage of seams in the intermediate areas that become available when defences go into a Cover 3 or 4 alignment. The windows are much tighter and you have to have throws wth authority to exploit them.

I know Chang has the bazooka to do that..Maas? Debatable. Very.

So one is left with high-completion dink and dunk stuff. Unless you finish drives with TDs, these are clock-killing nightmares against a team with the high-octane offense Calgary has.

If a team "shuts down" the deep zones, you still have to try deep shots between the safeties and flags/outs between the DBs and CBs to push the umbrella back further.

Tyree Davis may not have been Stegallesque, but he had the wheels to scare the bejeezus out of opposing DBs in Taaffe's old Als offense. It helped Climie and Cahoon in the intermediate zones and made the Pringle-led running attack even more potent because the LBs were forced to honour the pass.

For Taaffe's offense to click, you need a 2000-vintage Ham or Calvillo in terms of arm strength to get the defence to be in that kind of see-saw. Chang has more than enough in that aspect.

Maas? Not as much, to be polite.

Oski Wee Wee,

the ticats run the west coast offense, which is based on short routes, and a horizontal passing game, it also uses quick passes to runningbacks.

Are you sure that the Ticats aren't running an East/West coast offence? Because that's all I saw last night. How many hitch passes can one team throw in a game?

I think it looked like a rookie
offensive co-ordinator out there.
They looked like they were trying
different types of plays but could
not figure out the correct ones.
Give the team some time to get their
act together and I think they will

I agree, but with Chang under centre. NOT Maas.