making the bombers in madden 06

yesterday till like 11pm i was making the BB's in madden.all the players look like their counterparts and i even put me in as a reciver! but i messed up on the jerseys they look like the old skool jerseys and i made canadinns really well but im going back and replacing the astroturf to real grass

I did that when I first bought Madden '06 for PS2, took a long time, but I think I got the jerseys pretty close, or as close as it would let me. I also decided I didn't feel like playing any NFL teams so I made all the CFL teams(Jerseys and cities only, not players) made up Canadian teams to replace the rest, that was a lonnnng night. If I could remember what they were I'd list them here :stuck_out_tongue:.

I made a 2004 jerseies look at likes, it's not very hard. Players are a bit too compicated for me.

the 2005 away jerseys look the same as the real ones and i got rid of tee martin for ricky ray LOL

i made there jerseys on 06 and the away and 3rd jerseys are exact replicas pretty much, but the home jeresey is missing some outlines

yeah i know its harder to make the home jerseys

the third jersey look great, it's what i wear for games ussually, because it's so beautiful