Making "cents" of the CFL salary cap system

Interesting read here on the CFL salary Cap

A few wrong facts in About-Mechrek's article.

The 2018 max. salary cap is $5.2 millions and not $5.1 millions.

The 2018 min. salary is $54,000 and not $53,000.

A total of ten players and not 7 can be on the practice rosters; in the fall-for roughly 4 weeks,after NFL cuts- the total is increased to 15.

Salaries paid to players on practice rosters count against the max. approved cap. Housing allowances paid to these players DON'T COUNT against the max. approved cap.


yeah...many holes in this one for sure. PR players count against the cap and have a minimum pay but can be paid up to anything while on it...could you imagine the abuse this would get if it wasn't under the cap? lol

Also...he should have mentioned that you don't get some magic big housing allowance on it either...which would be another loophole. Further to this...anything over 2k in a year hits the SMS when paid to a PR player. This includes housing, gifts, travel, etc. And further to that, the total a team can give to all players total in a year in such perks is 92k, then it hits cap.

Also...Moving expenses are potentially paid...per section 27 of the is varies on situation and there are set amounts when applicable. Note that this applies to players essentially being traded and does not include players under practice roster agreements (who I don't think can technically be traded anyways)

As he used the the Riders specifically as an example of back-end deals...I think most people understand that front end and back end deals are used for a push for a cup...but for all his talk about the big back end loaded contracts the club had what he fails to mention was that there were actually only a couple in 2013 and that it was AFTER that new contracts were signed with ridiculous massive back end values. Whether that be handshake deals or just horrible cap was more after the 2013 push that the issue was escalated.

I get he is trying to generalize and simplify things...but he really misses the mark on a few things.

No one can afford to live in Toronto year round for fifty three thousand dollars annually. Having a salary cap in the CFL is like the NFL worrying about empty seats. Make the league more competitive and raise the salary cap to ten million per team.

Very Complicated for sure


And how is this paid for? Most of the league already flirts with that break even point. Until there is a significant boost in revenue, this isn’t very realistic…and I am as adamant of a voice for a boost in base as there is and have preached that on here. Are you suggesting they perhaps ramp ticket prices up 50%? I don’t think you would have very many full stadiums.

Perhaps watch this:

If the health of the League is so dependent on a Salary Cap on players to survive,
then the League should also mandate a salary structure for management for the same reasons.

I have previously said how the league should have a combined football players and coaching budget at a minimum $10M.

I like the idea; it would certainly make the job of the GM interesting ... where does the money provide the greatest on-field return?

So you want the management and the players in the same CBA? pass.

and how about putting promotions, advertising, etc under the same cap as well.

Was that a joke? I am sure hoping you don't want to handcuff promoting the game.

oh the irony of it, heh heh