Making a No-Pads game

Assume that most of the rules for standard Canadian football remain, what would you change if players were not wearing pads (say a rugby uniform instead)? Note that this is less for TV games and stuff and more for amateur league play.

I'd change the following:

Force full, rugby-style tackles.
Limit unsafe blocking.
Limit blocking abilities on linemen.
Remove the ineligible reciever requirement.
Two field refs, two line judges.
Remove the tee.
Only make major obstruction a pass-interference call.

40-second play clock, 20-minute quarters (shut up I know it's rugby-esque)
18-man squads - force teams to play two-way ball.

This isn't necessarily all, but it is for now.

NO!!!!!!!!!! KEEP THE PADS!!!!!!!!

I love watching Rugby and 7's (like One Day Criket version of rubgy or Arena Football) (CANADA KICKED SCOTLAND'S BUTT BTW YEAH!!!) but that's that sport and this is CFL GI football, which takes the best of Rugby rules and makes a totally new game out of them and with new ideas (some will say the Americans came up with it frist, whatever :roll:)

besides, w/o pads, PLAYERS WOULD DIE IN GAMES!!!!!!!!!! like players in Hockey used to in the NHL and other leagues until helmets and more padding were added, so keep the pads.


EDIT: Oh, I meant to say...

I'm not going to buy pads just to play an 11- or 12-man game.

players wouldn't die either. tons of people play pick-up tackle without pads and i've never heard of any deaths

then why don't u title it better?

like "OT: Making a No-Pads game (no rule chages for the CFL)"

I noticed that in Rubgy 7's (and this isn't ture for all Rugby but) that they take the convert form where ever the player spots the ball (like on a FG kinda), and then try a convert for 2 points, or 1 point in regular Rugby I believe. Still like my rule for the convert in the CFL though, and that's all I'm saying. especailly since when they kicked at an angle most kickers messed up so badly that it didn't look like they were trying and it look very panthetic. Throw pads and a helmet and do that in GI football and I can only see it getting worse.

Uhm ... thats because the 155pound dweebs your playing pickup football with are not 6'4 300+ pounds and trained to destroy ...

This idea was so absurd when I read it .. I had to do a doubletake when I saw that Kanga haden't written it.


Must be a slow day on the posting board :roll: