Makeover for Argonauts Website

It's quite the sexy makeover!

It still seems very similar except for the backdrop.

BTW, the word 'sexy' should never be used in a football forum, unless you're talking about cheerleaders.

Hahaha you're not the boss of me.

i just checked..actually, he is the boss of u...HAHA

I like the highlights on Argos TV. Some of the wallpaper is cool. It will be nice when they have widescreen and higher resolution.

Looks good. I like it more than Edmonton's website. The Edmonton website looks kind of ghetto. :?

I'm glad the Argos finally got with the times and got this done for their new website. Most of the other teams have this, and I always wondered why the Argos, who need to be projected as hip and cool to get fans, didn't have one.

Glad they got Argos TV.

Looks good and more professional.

Looks wicked awesome. I like it better than the Eskie site.

Thanks for fixing the (featured player) flash bug on

This is what I see when I look at on Linux...

So you use linux instead of windows?

I use both but have been using Linux way more since I've become comfortable with it.

I like it indeed
But Is there a forum there too?
go Argos!

Whatever happened to the Argocasts?

lions also got a new one.

A lot of the teams have. :wink: