Make your Predictions on CFL Awards

West: Cornish
East: Calvillo

West: Harris
East: Emry

West: Sherritt
East: Emry

West: Jovan Olafioye
East: Bourke

Special Teams:
West: Paredes
East: Owens

West: Chris Randle
East: Patrick Lavoie

Here is the list for people that would like to know

* - Indicates a unanimous selection

Player - Travis Lulay
Defensive - Adam Bighill *
Canadian - Andrew Harris *
Offensive Lineman - Jovan Olafioye
Special Teams - Tim Brown
Rookie - Jabar Westerman

Player - Jon Cornish *
Defensive - Charleston Hughes *
Canadian - Jon Cornish *
Offensive Lineman - Dimitri Tsoumpas
Special Teams - Rene Paredes *
Rookie - Chris Randle

Player - JC Sherritt *
Defensive - JC Sherritt *
Canadian - Ted Laurent
Offensive Lineman - Orrin Thompson
Special Teams - Grant Shaw
Rookie - Shamawd Chambers

Player - Weston Dressler *
Defensive - Tyron Brackenridge
Canadian - Dominic Picard
Offensive Lineman - Dominic Picard
Special Teams - Sam Hurl
Rookie - Xavier Fulton

Player - Chad Simpson
Defensive - Alex Hall
Canadian - Henoc Muamba
Offensive Lineman - Glenn January *
Special Teams - Justin Palardy
Rookie - Chris Matthews *

Player - Chris Williams
Defensive - Rey Williams
Canadian - Luca Congi
Offensive Lineman - Tim O'Neil
Special Teams - Chris Williams *
Rookie - Josh Bartel

Player - Chad Owens
Defensive - Marcus Ball
Canadian - Andre Durie *
Offensive Lineman - Chris Van Zeyl
Special Teams - Chad Owens *
Rookie - Armond Armstead

Player - Anthony Calvillo *
Defensive - Shea Emry
Canadian - Shea Emry
Offensive Lineman - Josh Bourke
Special Teams - Kyries Hebert
Rookie - Patrick Lavoie

West: Cornish
East: Calvilo
Winner: Calvilo

West: Sherritt
East: Williams
Winner: Sherritt

West: Cornish
East: Congi
Winner: Cornish

West: Tsoumpas
East: Bourke
Winner: Tsoumpas

Special Teamer
West: Brown
East: Williams
Winner: Williams

West: Fulton
East: Mathews
Winner: Mathews

I had almost the exact same, except had Bourke winning over Olifye, and had Harris winning Canadian, and Cornish with MOP. Not sure how that would work though, because if Cornish was the MOP, he should also be the Canadian. But in all honestly, I think Harris is the better all round player.

Is that a joke? Williams has 6 touchdowns compared to 0 by Owens.

Oh but I forgot, he returns a lot of kick-offs and therefore has more yards.

My predictions are:

Calvillo over Cornish

Defensive player:
Sherritt over Emry

Cornish over Emry

Bourke over Tsoumpas

Special Team:
Owens over Brown


Matthews over Westerman


Does Sasks Sheets qualify as a rookie or does NFL experience rule that out?

Not qualified as rookie,re: NFL experience


West: Cornish
East: Williams
Winner: Williams

Williams does it all, near the league lead in yards receiving, and has 6 special teams touchdowns (so far). If he did all of the returning, and had done so to start the year, he'd destroy Owen's yardage totals, plus 6 touchdowns gives him the East nod over Owens. Cornish has had a great year, and I think he'll be the West nominee, however Williams is multi talented, which gives him my vote.

West: Sherritt
East: Emry
Winner: Sherritt

Sherritt is a machine, all over the place. The fact that he's missed some time and still has a 23 tackle lead on the next closest competitor says it all. This one isn't really a debate, Sherritt is winning it. Honourable mention to Rey Williams who has had a solid year on a horrific Ticats defense.

West: Harris
East: Emry
Winner: Harris

It's Harris against Cornish for this award, winner of the West wins it. These two are neck and neck, and I feel like Harris being such a good receiver out of the backfield tips my vote his way. This could change on the last week, but Harris brings more to the table than just rushing yardage. Total yardage is very close between the two.

Offensive Lineman:
West: Picard
East: Bourke
Winner: Bourke

Bit of a homer pick in Picard, I could easily see Tsoumpas being the West nominee as well. It's really tough to pick this award, as the O-line is more of a collective unit than individual guys, and there's no stats to judge them by. Bourke has the previous rep, I think it's his award to lose.

Special Teams:

West: Brown (The West has a very weak group this year)
East: Williams
Winner: Williams

Chris Williams vs Chad Owens is really the only real race, and Williams wins that one easily. Nobody in the West had a great year returning the ball, and with Williams' season I can't see him losing to anyone.


West: Fulton (Homer pick, not a great crop of West rookies)
East: Matthews
Winner: Matthews

It will be interesting to see who comes out of the West. Chambers had some moments, but his overall stats aren't that good. Westerman looked good at times, but you aren't winning the award with 12 tackles. The Stamps nominee I didn't really get to see much of, but his stats probably put him above Chambers and Westerman, but he's on injured reserve right now.

I think a lot of people are surprised how well Kevin Glenn has performed in Calgary, not saying he should be on the list but he has done much better than many predicted I would say.

Patrick Lavoie?!?! You've got to be kidding. A fullback with no stats over a 1,100+ yard receiver coming out of the East?!

He also had Chad Owens over Chris Williams for the East nom. I think 'cflisthebest' should probably start watching the CFL.

I will just take a quick moment of your time to point out that he is NOT a Rider fan... or at least we don't want him.

just wondering, if Chad gets the nod, will you apologize to cflisthebest???

Nope. I'll make the same post and just replace 'cflisthebest' with 'award voters.' If breaking the touchdown record isn't enough to get a guy the nomination, then then why even have records? Owens might get a lot of yards, but last I checked the goal of the game is to score; Owens has scored exactly zero times on special teams, whereas Williams has scored six times. Owens is going to break an all-purpose yards mark, but that's more than just special teams. I also don't think that a player should be recognized for returning a lot of kickoffs. All having a lot of kickoff yards means is that your team is allowing other teams to score a lot. That's not worthy of recognition.

actually, I agree with you. However, if Owens breaks the all purpose yardage, it should be worth something. not sure what.

OTOH, I dont really like the idea of anyone taking pinballs record from him, so I will be hoping for owens not to do so.

Not too likely that he will not though, as long as he plays, and I sure am not gonna wish injury on him. Just a really bad game. After all, it happens to everybody.

Records are meant to be broken. :stuck_out_tongue:

noway. I got a number of 40 yr old records that I dont intend to ever break :wink:

If Cornish wins anything, he should give his trophies to Dmitrius Tsoumpas. Cornish is a tremendous open field runner. Andrew Harris should get top Canadian hands down but he won't because of all this Cornish love. Congi for top Canadian in the East.

Missed the boat on West MOP. It makes me wanna puke to say it but it should be Nik Lewis, but Chad Owens should get MOP this year despite the fumbles. But because these awards are always so damn political, they will probably give Ownes a slam dunk ST award so that they can justify giving MOP to someone else.

Chris Williams will beat Jabar Westerman for rookie, and that one will be done right. I just want to put in a good word for Xavier Fulton because it's hard to judge olinemen especially when these awards are so heavily stat based, but since I watch the Riders a lot I can say that Fulton has performed very well at tackle and could very well be a future star.

Outstanding lineman. If you don't pick Tsoumpas go watch tennis instead. Take a look at a top 10 Cornish highlight reel and you will see on at least 6 or 7 of those plays the crushing block was made by Tsoumpas. yet he wasn't even unanimously selected for his team. I can only say that the voters are fuckin retards. It's Tsoumpas. Don't even mention another name.

Williams is going to win Rookie of the Year for the second year in a row? He's just that good I guess.

I agree 100%.