Make Williams the #2.

Pretty typical outing by Eakin. Some good things but once WPG made the adjustments he looked just as clueless as Maas ever was and didnt show any signs he's ready to take over any time soon.

Williams wasnt spectacular either but his scrambling abiltiy and the fact he's been around alot less amount of time than Eakin while showing as good amount of poise, composure and recogniton of defenses than Eakin he's just as deserving of the number 2 spot than Eakin.

I agree. For the last game Eakin and Williams should reverse roles, with Williams starting, and Eakin only coming in late if Williams is really struggling.

williams plays 1st half, eakin plays 2nd.

Well we might want to remember that Eakin looked good towards the end of last season (better than Williams that's for sure), and we went into this year thinking he was legit. If your talking about next year I'd be hesitant to annoint either as the #2.

Williams should get a week as #1 and give him the reps all week. Start Williams next week and if he falters perhaps go with Eakin.

Kevin has had more than his share of chances.

How many chances is a guy supposed to get ?
He's had two starts this year in addition to the playing time after Maas was pulled.

Most backups can only dream about opportunities like that.

Ask John Beutjer.

I'll wager anyone ANY amount that BOTH Williams and Eakin will be on A Professional Football Roster next season.

'Nuff said.

Anyone want to go on RECORD to OPPOSE this OPINION ?



I dont think anyone said he doesnt belong on a roster.
Hell, Marcus Brady has been collecting a paycheque for masquerading as a QB for years.

The question , which has lingered around the team since week #1, is whether he can challenge Maas for the starter's job.

This issue was officially laid to rest yesterday afternoon.

As of now, he isnt a starting QB.

Let me see.
QB, has a pulse, OK third string arena QB.

Pro QB.

Now if you want to make a freindly that either of these guys will be a #1 QB on a pro team I am interested!

Eakin being a starter anywhere is a bit of a laugher. That wouldn't be a bet that would be stealing.

While Eakin and Williams are duking it out for number two will number one be traded back to Ed if Macoocia stays in Ed. After all thats were his heart on is. :wink:

Should Hamilton get a QB coach, and an OC who is not afraid to mix things up during a game, I'm sure either one of the two back-ups from this year will do well.

I thought it was quite a telling thing when the reporter asked Kevin Eakin why they were calling the plays they were and why they had stopped running the ball, "I don't call the plays" was the response. The chance that has been given is to go in and do as told and hope things go all right. A whole season of timing has been wasted with the #2 and #3 QB' do not pick up a feel for where a person is supposed to be and when if you have not spent lots of time knowing how a guy reacts. Way too much looseness on the receivers patterns here in Hamilton. The QB often needs to throw the ball before the receiver's move takes place for us, the fans---the receiver is to be where the ball is thrown, that is why they practice all season long. Expecting great timing with guys you've not played with is silly. 5 days does not make for timing in any league. I think Eakin and Williams did the best they could with what they were given...

williams may be a player he may not . The system he is in now wont show his talents . But im sure hell back for training camp next season with an OC who will have a whole new set of plays and hopefully a QB coach to help the guy out .

He played his whole life with 11 men on the defense . Now there are 12 , a wider field and one less down . Quite a learning curver if you ask me . To learn it in one season with very little field time is too much to ask of anyone , never mind a rookie .

With all my respect, i'll let you note that RW played honestly against Winipeg. After half a quarter season long, considering no excuses for his underthrow to Vaughn, his pass to Flick was well orchestrated. One may consider he had good protection and threw a perfect strike to DJ. That ' ain't much ' brightens up the future even though he danced at the end on the same patterns Maas did all year. On paper this team is very valuable. RW may bring up that chemistery and be abble to repeat, if not enhance, his previous ( not tiedious) performances. And may be we'd rather get old than whole ? Anyway previous posts answer that better than i. OK