make way for Marquay

Lets give cheers to what I think is an up and comming GO TO guy for Hamilton! sigh I dislike off season

He could be a little more sure handed, but he is getting there.He definitely has the talent to become the next Arland Bruce :slight_smile:

More sure handed?? Seriously?? That guy has taken some major licks and still held on to the ball. The one "fumble" that some believe cost us the game stands out, but other than that the guy has been amazing. One of the best "diamonds" in the rough we've had in a long time.

Obviously you've missed like the 6x Glenn's gone to him over the middle and he's dropped it when he should've had it.And perhaps the Montreal game where he dropped 2 sure TD passes.And as you mentioned,the very costly fumble in that same Montreal game.He needs to work on his catching a lil more before he'll be one of the best in the CFL.

Didn't say he was one of the best in the cfl, but for a rookie he made some fantastic catches and was very reliable. 6x?? Bit of an overstatement. Some of our veteran receivers dropped more than McDaniel. I think he's definitely got a future and he can take a hit and still hold the ball. Great find.

No question he’s got a future, i’m just saying he needs to be a bit more surehanded.He’s dropped alot of easy one’s this year.Watch pretty much every home game and you’ll see lot’s of McDaniel’s drop’s over the middle when he should’ve caught them, 3 or 4 each home game.Stala’s only really “dropped” one and that one cost us the game.Since then, he’s been rock solid with his catching.Bruce has had about 4 easy drops this year, but he also has 1200+ receiving yards and 10 TD’s.Grant wasn’t impressive at all, so it’s likely he’s gunna go.James wasn’t impressive at all either,don’t be suprised to see him go.

I thought McDaniel really came on in the games later in the season and started securing the ball better. So essentially...he showed good progress.

Marquay knows how to get open, he can only get better with time. :thup:

I cant wait to have training camp open, expecially since i can finally go to one, now that i am living in hamilton!

McD is up and comin, but he aint no PRod yet. :wink:

If I had to give a scouting report on McDaniel it would be:
Good route runner
VERY sure handed
Lacks explosive break-away speed.

I say his hands are not an issue at all!!!

P'Rod ain't P'Rod yet.

Marquay really took off at the end of the season. I agree his hands are not an issue. He really got clobbered a number of times and still managed to hang onto the ball.
Doc 8)


'08 the year of the all-star 1,000 yard and 7 TD P-rod
'09 the year of the dancin' fool P-rod
'10 ? Repeat of '08 please?

I'm saying Prechae was the dancin' fool this year because over and over we'd just feed him a two yard pass, defer's would swarm around him, he'd do his dumb little dance that couldn't fake out a 2 year old, then he'd get smashed.We need to go up high for Prechae,catching short and running it isn't his forte.He needs to go up over defer's 40 yards down the field to be used properly :thup:

Agreed I can agree on that I mean I wouldn't go to that extent but definitely used in the wrong way, sorry bout that.
But yeah he is definitely a deep threat passes need to be going to him that are at least 10 yards or more, not little hitch passes, definitely can agree on that one.

The kid led the league in total yards. I'd say he's a keeper! Prechae was hurt most of the year which explains his lack of production. It's tough to beat defenders when you've got a faulty wheel. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

When he was playing, the defenses were always double teaming him.

A healthy Prechae playing with Bruce and McDaniel will help get him open a little bit more.

It shouldn't be that tough when your over half a foot taller than any defender in the league.

Prechae is listed as 6 feet 5 inches. If he's over half a foot taller than any defender, since half a foot = 6 inches, that means there is no defender in the league over 5 feet 11 inches.

Haven't I told you over a billion times not to exaggerate? :smiley: