make visitors from Toronto feel welcome at Ivor Wynne

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Why wouldnt you welcome argos fans?
They are CFL fans, afterall, and buying tickets support the ticats.
If there were no fans of other teams, this league wouldnt exist.

The ticats host the argos a couple of times every season, and having a few thousand tickets sold to argos fans helps the ticats revenues.

If the city of hamilton sold out IWS every game, there would be no tickets available for argos fans, so you only have yourselves to blame for their pressence.

Disagree. I support the CFL without the need to feel welcomed in Toronto.

I go to Argo games, particularly when the Cats play there.

I don't expect to welcomed there, nor do I want to be.

The ticats host the argos a couple of times every season, and having a few thousand tickets sold to argos fans helps the ticats revenues.
and vice versa. TiCats fans at the RC aids the Argos revenue and financial health as well.

it is a win-win proposition for both clubs, hence additional league stability.

and there is no need to berate Argo fans, when our team's play will do that for us. :wink:

As an Argo fan, I can say that ignoring us would be just fine. The problem the Ticats management is working to solve is that a small number of Ticats supporters like to abuse Argo fans, and it creates an extremely unpleasant environment. For this reason, I stopped going to Ivor Wynne several years ago and I know many other Argo fans have done that as well. This costs the Ticats money and it damages the CFL brand in the all-important (and underperforming) southern Ontario market. I will be back there this year and I am looking forward to sharing my love of the CFL with the many thousands of great Ticats fans who aren't obnoxious. As for those few who are, I commend Ticats management for taking steps to eradicate such behaviour.

Good natured ribbing and taunting...most definitely yes. Violence, threats and verbal abuse....a most definite NO

I remember I went to a Ticat game in Calgary, wearing my Ticat colours proudly. This was about five years ago or so. Anyone remember that time frame....

Anyway, we lost the game...surprise. THe way we lost, Hamilton went up on a field goal with about a minute and a half to play. Calgary takes possession, and within three plays marched about forty yards into field goal range. DeAngelis kicks a field goal with no time on the clock. Calgary wins. Sound eerily similar to last week's game against Montreal...I think it was the same defensive scheme used (which reminds me, when coaches are hired in Hamilton, are they give a playbook and told YOU MUST USE THIS AND NOT YOUR OWN...because it seems we have been suffering the same problems for years)...

But I digress...walking out of the stadium...obviously surrounded by jubilant Stamps fans, a couple guys put their arms around me. He says "you know, I want to mock you. But I just can't bring myself to do it. I feel SORRY for you man. Maybe they will turn it around eventually". Made me realize how far the Ticat brand had fallen that day.

Exactly. So why go out of your way to make opposing fans feel unwelcome? By doing so only makes them not return, thus hurting your own team.

Football is just a game, and games are meant to be fun....for the fans, anyway.

It should all be in good fun, no abusive language and that sort of stuff. You clap or cheer when the Cats do something well but why not make a friend if it's an Argo fan sitting beside you rather than an enemy? Life is too short to make enemies if it's not needed. Mind you, if it's needed ie. Argo fan being obnoxious, well, that's a different matter all together. 8)

Not feeling welcome at Rogers centre, is fun. I wear my black and gold there and "give it" to them. If some of them can't, or won't do it here, then too bad.

For me (and my group), it's an integral part of being a Tiger-Cat fan.

What, being deliberately obnoxious to individuals you don't know? If so, that's truly sad.

So you are saying that we should all be together in the stands link hands and sing “coom baya” , let’s not worry who wins but that we all participated and had fun.

No, we have to create rivalries and encourage the fans to get involved. I would rather see us be like the rabid English Soccer fans, goading and enticing the opponents. I would love to see a “Ticat Rowdy Section” Even if it’s a caged area would be the opposite of a the “Family section” where they can drink excessive beer, shout, swear etc, get involved into the game, learn to hate the other teams!! Let’s get some passion back

Don't think Captain means that pw. I think he just means he chooses his "friends" carefully and selectively, and certainly Argo fans will not be among those, perhaps. :wink:

Where did I say that?

Are you equating being a Tiger-Cat fan with being obnoxious?

I certainly don't.

We go to Argo games in our black and gold and cheer for the Ti-cats. We don't go after anyone.

if someone there tries to give us a hard time, we don't take their sh*t. We stand up for our team and ourselves. That's all there is to it. We've had great fun cheering for our team for decades now and there's noting more fun in my sports life than the Ti-Cat - A**o rivlary. It's special in all pro sports.

Nicely said Captain. :thup:

You talked about "giving it" to Argo fans. Obviously I misinterpreted your meaning, so I apologize.

I think they are talking about the more extreme cases ..

one day the Ti-Cats will get some security with balls that actually know how to do their job instead of thinking they get to stand and watch the game ... or ignore things because they are too chicken to do anything ..

Same goes for the police in the stadium .. you people are there for a reason no one is impressed that your in a uniform do your jobs and there wouldn't be any need to ask for such things

Which of course is not all that clear, and can mean many things.

Obviously I misinterpreted your meaning, so I apologize.
No need to apologise. Discussion is good. Like you, I don't like obnoxious behaviour even at sporting events.

Thank you, CK. We are pretty well in complete agreement, as it turns out.

Let's all hope for 30,000 fans, a raucous (but good-natured and safe) atmosphere, great weather and the most exciting game of the season on Monday.

You’re not welcome. :wink: