"Make the world a better place ...

... punch Marty York in the face!"

Ok, I am not condoning the use of physical violence against Mr. York, but I have to say, each time I read his articles for a little insight on the CFL, I am always surprised how negative his articles seem to be. He is always calling out some other player/team/owner/journalist. If you ask me, that just seems to be a little unprofessional. Especially for someone with so many "inside sources."

And then I realize this is the reason why he isn't on any major television network or associated with any major newspapers/media outlets.

Go Marty Go! You really zinged us this time!



  • paul

ps. Our apparent crowd which was the "tiniest at Never Win Stadium in Bob Young's four years of ownership", would still be considered over a sell out in Montreal!

Other than the poke at Desjardin I see nothing to disagree with. So why the personal venom towards someone who is actually telling it like it is?

I apologize Mrs. York.


Actually the reason is because historically he has bashed the franchise and then now, after 3 games, feels compelled to tell readers he was mislead by the Ticats after selecting them to win the Eastern Division before the season.

And hypothetically if the Ticats do by chance win the division, he will be the first to say "I told you so!" even after today's backtrack.

I didn't enjoy the comment about "Never Win" Stadium either. So I guess yes, I am taking his constantly negative reporting style personally. Take a look at his entire article. It is all negative:

  • calls out Jason Maas, Jesse Lumsden, Corey Holmes, Charlie Taaffe.
  • the Ticats are worse than they are last year.
  • Wally Buono is mad and wants players suspended.
  • Tom Higgins is going to be fired.

Maybe it's just me and I am jealous he has a larger forum to enlighten people with his uncredited, unsourced opinions.

I guess I am just a "glass half full" sort of guy ...

  • paul

Wrong sex, wrong impression. I just happen to agree with him this time. I don't normally read him so I honestly don't get the venom

Good old Marty, he knows how to twist the Cats tails. :smiley:
But he is kind of accurate in this case IMO.
I would disagree about Lumsden and Holmes though. When the defenses know your QB can't hit the broadside of a barn door they tend to load up against the run.

You are correct double blue but the fact is that Holmes isn't even seeing the ball and Lumsden hasn't either before last game

And it was Millington and not York who made the GM comment.

Meh, we have differing opinions I suppose that is all.

I am not going to bold it and put it in red for you.

I just don't like the article that is all. So I thought I would share the article with some people and offer my opinion utilizing this wonderful forum.

But I thank you for your input.

You know what they say about opinions ...

  • paul

ps. We do win on occassion, look at the graphic at the bottom of the website :wink:

York was very up on Hamilton last year. He predicted them to be #1 in the east so I don't really see how he is anti-Hamilton. Plus anyone how makes fun of or pokes at Hamilton for losing has every right to because the Hamilton media never holds back on pokes when other teams do badly.

It was a good article - sure it was negative but what would you expect him to say. Do you want him to say what a great team the Ticats are, the drop in attendance was not because of the team but becuase of the weather etc???

Is it just me, or would a 'real' analyst and prognosticator actually assess the talent and not fall to hype?

Other than the knock on Lumsden (who is starting to show what he can do), I pretty much agree with the article. I really agree with the comment on the GM.

He calls it the way he sees it! Not through Rose Coloured Glasses.

I can't argue with anything he said this week! :expressionless:

Don't forget...2 weeks ago he was talking about how disapointing the games were this year after all the hype of the New Rules!

Then we had week 3 and more of the same! Let's not be slagging the guy...at least he is a fan of the CFL and wants to see exciting games and some "parity" to show up! :thup:

Plain and simple. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. York had always been a jacka$$ and always will be. He must have the weakest ankles in the world jumping on and off everyones bandwagon!

I had no idea that there were so many Marty York supporters in Hamilton!

Not to mention how many people are disenchanted with Marcel and Co.'s running of the team after 3 games. 3 games!

Maybe the reason why the team constantly under performs, and can't shake the losing culture that has plagued the franchise for the better parts of 17 seasons, is because too many fans prefer to dwell on the negative. (And just so happen to love Marty York's "kick them while they are down" reporting style.)

Call me crazy but maybe some of you fans should focus on the positive strides this franchise has accomplished so far and will accomplish in the near future instead of scrutinizing me for being critical of Marty York's negative and uncited reporting style. (Which if you read my first post again, was the point of this topic!)


I love you all,

  • paul

I agreed with Paul's post because I've been reading York's articles for years. He sensationalizes every issue and he certainly didn't waste the opportunity to jump all over the Ticat organization after only 3 games.

Anyone who knows football wouldn't have picked the Ticats to win the east this year.

Most of us realists were simply hoping for improvement or a playoff spot. York has had to do a complete turn around.

I was disenchanted with Marcel last year, these 3 games don't even count. He says things in the press that are better left behind closed doors, that is my problem not the players he has brought in.

I agree 100% with Mr Yorks article. 0&4 and there is the door- Bring back coach Marshall IMHO