I notice that the CFL Magazine can be ordered online. What about the CFL Records & Fact Book and the CFL Rulebook? I live in Virginia, USA and had to order these books via snail took over 5 weeks to deliver. In this day in age (technology and all) I think it would be of benefit to the CFL to make these books available for order via online.

sounds good to me, but isn't that avalible already on this site?

Yes, the rulebook is available online, but I'm talking about being able to order the hard copy of both items online like you can do with the CFL Magazine. For some reason you have to download an order form,for the RuleBook and Record Book and then mail it with your check or money order which takes weeks to complete the order. It sure would be easier if you could order these books like you do with

Don't you know, All we can do in canada is mail stuff. we have no power because igloos have no power lines running to them and if we want to post stuff on this site, we mail everything to Kanga and he types them in. he lives in usa and types in everything on the site anyways, so he might as well post for everyone anyhow. :slight_smile: