Make the Grey Cup game available to ALL Canadians

It really bothers me that the only way to see this great event is by paying for TSN or heading to a bar. I know TSN pays good money to the league for broadcast rights, and I respect that, but the Grey Cup is the one uniquely Canadian event that everyone across the country, from West, to East to the far North, should be able to watch, and the fact is, TSN can't provide that service. CBC could - Rogers has an arrangement with CBC to continue to broadcast NHL games, even though Rogers owns the rights now. It's working for them. Surely Bell/TSN could come to an arrangement with the CBC to let them broadcast the Grey Cup so every one can see it! Please consider signing this petition! Thanks a lot!

I signed. :slight_smile:

The ONLY way it gets on CTV is if it is negotiated during the next TV Contract talks - 2021.

If BCE / TSN insists on keeping the Grey Cup on TSN, then push for MORE money.

I love the idea just not sure it can be legislated thru CRTC when it's private enterprise signing with another private enterprise to broadcast .

I would love to sign a petition for more mandated Canadian content on sports specialty stationswhich the CRTC has more control. If someone came up with that it may solve this problem and get two birds with one stone .

Rogers Tim and Sid did a great job recapping the Grey Cup with positive CFL talk .

TSN's Dan and Jay did a reasonable job and I liked the visits to the Grey Cup parties not sure why there is not more time spent visiting the party locations .

I think CTV is a easy fix to have the Grey Cup on it's main network . One night of the year would impact a little more I speculate at least a 500,000 to 1 million increase in Casual viewers but I could be wrong .

Thank you!

If CBC were to broadcast the Grey Cup as a national courtesy gesture to all Canadians, will it negatively affect the revenue that TSN pays the CFL for its broadcasts?

We want the CFL to make money, right? Just wondering if that’s a risk here.


Grey Cup and the playoffs are a big deal to TSN and CFL is a big reason for people subscribing. Not sure I agree that they should be investing in the CFL partnership like they do only to have people feel that it should be mandated as free for everyone on the pinnacle of the season when they ponied up (and were the only ones who offered real money) in a strategic investment.

Signed. Maybe I got this wrong but I would suspect that showing the Grey Cup over-the-air might actually help their ratings in the long run. A little exposure for the casual fans.

There is certainly no downside. Again, I doubt TSN budges until 2021 but...

The petition is a great idea.

I hope to see it, but as others have said, it probably won't happen until after this tv deal expires. Hopefully it becomes part of the next tv deal.

Uhhh ... Yeah. It would. A lot.

Then we don't want it

I signed! ;D

At one time there was a law in this country which required both CTV and CBC to televise the Grey Cup game in its entirety. This Parliamentary Order was enacted to ensure that all Canadians had an opportunity to watch Canada's biggest annual event (because there were some regions in Canada which only received the CBC signal and other areas which only received CTV.)

For many decades both CBC and CTV shared the broadcasting responsibilities, with the CBC crew announcing the first half and the CTV crew the 2nd half, then alternating the next season.

For some reason this policy was rescinded with the Grey Cup now available only on TSN cable tv.

For some reason the Super Bowl is broadcastacross Canadaon CTV1 and CTV2 networks as well as TSN cable channels (and on American cable channels).

Not true. The CBC broadcasted NHL games and gave all the profits to Rogers.

Besides, I'd prefer CTV.

I think the deal is simply they get to advertise CBC shows . Hard to believe but they look at the numbers of people that watch and figure it's worth it . Funny way to run a network . I think a similar deal can be made with the CBC for one night with the CBC doing a similar deal with TSN for the Grey Cup and maybe playoffs .

Rogers owns the rights to the national NHL broadcasts and most local ones. Rogers allows the CBC to still show HNIC out of tradition. Rogers has the final say in all personnel issues. The only thing the CBC gets out of this deal is the opportunity to advertise their own programming.

What CBC got out of this was NOT paying $5.2B for rights. Rogers has complete monetary risk/reward for the CBC broadcasts - they get the ad revenue (other than whatever CBC-own spots are allowed).

If the Superbowl, Major Tennis and Golf tournaments can be broadcast on TSN and CTV at the same time, not to mention the US channels, why can't the Grey Cup?

Also, I think the CFL should make a deal with CBC radio, that they broadcast the game anywhere TSN radio and/or local team radio doesn't broadcast for the Grey Cup. I have been on the road a couple of times and not been able to get it.