Make the Call interactive CFL game from Nissan

Hay guys, i thought you might be interested in an interactive game that Nissan is doing with the CFL this year called 'Make the Call' - you basically log on to your computer or laptop during every televised CFL game all season and play along with trivia and predictions and there is group play, leaderboards, chat, facebook app, etc. there is also prizes for every game as well as custom jerseys and the top prize is a trip to the Grey Cup + $4k

you can play it by going to and sign up to play and win (there is guest play but you need to register to win)

also i do work for the company that puts on the game (not nissan or cfl) but I think I am ok to post this because there is a link on the main page to the game? i can answer any questions about the game as well. i searched to see if anyone posted about it but didn't see anything. mods would it be possible to sticky this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for posting the link, I was looking for it but couldn't find it. Perhaps I'm blind.

I forgot and remembered in the 3 quarter looks fun though.