Make saturday a road game?

Since the ticats have seemed to play much better on the road this season then at home, should we make saturday a road game?

The plan for those that have season tickets around us is to not wear any ticat clothing for this game and wear any other jersey but a ticat one or an eskimo one for that matter. We are also only cheering if they score a TD.

I know whatever we do won't impact the game in the least but we'll see what happens!

I wasn't going to wear any ticat clothing so that if i see what i have the last 2 weeks i can right from the stadium at half time to my bar of choosing.

I had a laugh when I read this! According to our TiCat 2006 pocket schedule the game is being played on "Sunday" Sept. 16th a 7:00pm :lol:

Let's just hope the Ticats show up and make a good game of it!