Make Robert's Eat His Words

the little guy has enough nerve to trash talk us and say we r going 0-6 by the time there done with us, thatsa joke. there gettinh lucky, we gotta make him shut his mouth today i hope armour laaaays him out.

"" "We believe that we have a team that shouldn't lose a game... in the next couple of weeks, anyway," Roberts said Thursday. "I mean, they're 0-4, right? They should be 0-6 by the time we get done with them over the next couple of weeks.

"Sure, they've been playing well lately. And they probably think if they eliminate penalties and mistakes, they can play with anybody in this league.

"I'm sure they're hungry for their first win," Roberts continued, pausing for dramatic effect. "They're just not going to get it here."

Now while Roberts' prediction may have many tsk-tsk-tsking his smack talk ""

I was checking out the loserpeg forum and they are the same. They seem to all agree that lumsden will be a bust in this league,time for jesse to shut them up.

i dont understand how they can even think he will be a bust? like the kids accomplished so much, he has had 2 free agnent NFL tryouts, and he didnt even play a down of american football in his college career, there rediculas, hes runnin over every team we've played this year, if our oline can play as well as they did against BC we should dominate the peg

Remember where it is coming from, loserpeg.

roberts is at 342 yards rushing, only 44 yards more then Jesse, but also jesse has gotten all his 298 yards rushing on only 37 attempts, Roberts on the other hand has 342 yards rushing on almosr 70 attempts with 67, if u take a good look and think about it, whos the better back this season stat wise?? charles has an 5.1 average, jesse boast an amazing 8.1 yards a carry, not to mention roberts has 2 fumbles on the season jesse has none, so if i had to pick out of the two right now who i would want on my team, id take the guy 44 yards shy of being the current rushing leader with jesse lumsden my friends.

I dont believe Roberts woudl say this for a minute, is there a link to this?! Until a link is shown i won't buy this

What would you expect him to say? I don't think he said anything wrong and I'd hope someone on the Cats would reply that we will win the next 2 games if they are asked......

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Roberts can say whatever he wants.....when your the best RB in the CFL you can do those things.


Can’t wait for Zeke Moreno to clothesline Roberts tonight.

Or you could just PETZ him. lol

It's exactly what I'd expect Roberts to say.

That will be 39.95 plus tax ...........

Cash or Debit ?

Roberts is a very talented athlete but his big mouth always gets in the way. Trash talk is for little punks and thats what he is..